Noble Witches - 506th Joint Fighter Wing
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  • Noble Witches - Dai 506 Tougou Sentou Koukuudan
  • Noble Witches: Dai 506 Tougou Sentou Koukuudan
  • Strike Witches: Noble Witches
  • World Witches: Noble Witches
  • ノーブルウィッチーズ 第506統合戦闘航空団
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"Noblesse Oblige" - The obligation of nobles. This addition to the World Witches franchise focuses on the 506th Joint Fighter Wing; a squadron of witches tasked with protecting innocent people from the Neuroi following the liberation of Gallia. These Witches are referred to as the "Noble Witches" because of their social status and their dedication to serving the needs of the less fortunate.
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  • Volume 0/3
  • Chapter 0/17

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@valdearg, I understand your concern and I realize now that the manga does number them in ascending order up to 17 chapters. (My scans are missing the table of contents), however, I am not entirely sure I should change the numbering system at this point. There's a lot of retroactive fixing to be done here and on our shared drive, it may also mess up people's online reading app counters. If I were to change them, I would also drop the Volume prefixes and just use the chapter numbers. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I feel it's best to continue this one in the same format, but we will be more careful to get chapter numbers aligned on our next release. Thanks.

-The Misfits Squadron
Could you name the chapters a bit neater? It's easier if the chapter numbers rise, e.g. Vol. 1 Ch. 5 then Vol. 2 Ch. 6
more SW is always good :)
@smoorthoperator - You're very welcome! We do this so we can read them too, haha! Hopefully we will have a reliable 1-2 week release schedule between chapters on this particular manga. Enjoy!

-The Misfits Squadron
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Thanks for your work on the franchise!