Isekai Shoukan-sareta ga Kyousei Soukan-sareta Ore ha shikatanaku yaseru koto ni shita.
Alt name(s):
  • I was summoned to another world, but I was forced to return home, so I decided to lose some weight
  • 異世界召喚されたが強制送還された俺は仕方なくやせることにした。
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Toudou Haruhiko is a obese NEET who got summoned to a different world when he was about to get hit by a truck. Unfortunately the summoning system malfunctioned due to exceeding the weight-limit and he was sent back to his world with the summoner Princess Shella.
He retained some Lv.1 skills, but one skill's level got corrupted into Infinity. So he got a powerful version of the skill Judgement, embodied as the cute girl Infinity-chan.
She tells them, that Shella can return to her homeworld, if he loses some weight, so that she can re-cast summoning to open a portal.
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