Brother for Rent
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  • Irmão de Aluguel
  • Rental Onii-chan
  • Старший брат напрокат
  • レンタルおにいちゃん
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What the young girl rents is not a movie, but a brother, and the wonderful warm feeling of spending time with him. With her parents deceased, and her once kind brother changed... What the girl seeks is the warmth of a family that she once had. Even if it's a rental one.

Portuguese / Português:
O que a garota alugou foi, um tempo feliz e amigável com seu falso irmão. A morte de seus pais... A completa mudança de seu irmão que era gentil... A garota que agora está sozinha e ferida, almejando a gentileza que um dia viu em seu irmão... Diz: Eu vou alugar um irmão! ...Com dinheiro. Mesmo alugando, eu quero ter uma "família".

Menceritakan seorang anak perempuan bernama Kanami, dia mempunyai kakak yang baik dan perhatian terhadapnya, namun sebuah insiden tidak terduga terjadi yang membuat kakaknya tersebut berubah drastis dari kakak yang baik dan perhatian berubah menjadi kakak yang tidak peduli terhadap sekitarnya, karena hal itu Kanami merasa diasingkan dan tidak dipedulikan. Namun, sesuatu yang tidak terduga terjadi...

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    Yeh, I don’t like it, everything’s too convenient. It doesn’t really feel like a story, rather it feels like a lesson for us, the readers, it’s trying to teach something and forcing things on the manga. While I respect that, I don’t like it. Yeh, you could say that a lot of manga teaches you lessons and changes you, yeh, that’s happened to me, but not as in your face as this.
    Heh, the accident was a good riddance of garbage.
    @BaroDrinksBeer What you did was truly wonderful my friend. Despite knowing your family would hate you for what you did you chooses to help your cousin and i see no wrong intention in that. I hope one day they would realize or understand the action you did.
    @BaroDrinksBeer this was out of topic, so I'll use spoiler tag
    Kept crying reading through the chapters, thought it would be cute and happy and was not ready for this
    Honestly im happy someone even is trying to get her out of that household.

    Also anyone saying the characters arent acting realistic. No one, literally no one, but me took in my cousin after she said my uncle was raping her; in fact alot of my family hates me for helping my cousin and adopting her.

    99% of people just wont take that extra step to truly ensure that someone is safe. Which in my opinion makes this manga better then others that try to tackle this topic.
    It was touching at first but the story just drags on and the little girl is treated like a punching bag well past the point of what's acceptable. I think badly of the rest of the cast for standing on the sidelines.
    @gilangksynope, if you have something like anity you can read the rest of the raws, seems like the series has ended already there
    is this will going sad ending ?
    You know what? I cry every chapter. I just can't take the feels. It's too much. 😭😭💔
    Feels like the author plan this latest chapter out, pretty sudden with no foreshadowing but had to happen eventually. Tying the brother in and actually making a character in the story.

    Overall great story still been following it since the his first version came out.
    The tags and title scare me. This website has a sexual violence tag right? I assume that since it is not on this manga, it is safe from that, on screen at least.
    @Gokufighther appricate the fast reply! you guys are doing good work on this! rooting for you!
    @dsid2814 no, we are currently working on the last 5 chapters.
    You guys drop this?
    This guy's a gem.

    not the ending, theres like 9 more chapters :^)
    Ey, is there some other manga like this that can help me grow?
    GOD IM c r y i n g