Brother for Rent
Alt name(s):
  • Irmão de Aluguel
  • Rental Onii-chan
  • Старший брат напрокат
  • レンタルおにいちゃん
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What the young girl rents is not a movie, but a brother, and the wonderful warm feeling of spending time with him. With her parents deceased, and her once kind brother changed... What the girl seeks is the warmth of a family that she once had. Even if it's a rental one.

Portuguese / Português:
O que a garota alugou foi, um tempo feliz e amigável com seu falso irmão. A morte de seus pais... A completa mudança de seu irmão que era gentil... A garota que agora está sozinha e ferida, almejando a gentileza que um dia viu em seu irmão... Diz: Eu vou alugar um irmão! ...Com dinheiro. Mesmo alugando, eu quero ter uma "família".

Menceritakan seorang anak perempuan bernama Kanami, dia mempunyai kakak yang baik dan perhatian terhadapnya, namun sebuah insiden tidak terduga terjadi yang membuat kakaknya tersebut berubah drastis dari kakak yang baik dan perhatian berubah menjadi kakak yang tidak peduli terhadap sekitarnya, karena hal itu Kanami merasa diasingkan dan tidak dipedulikan. Namun, sesuatu yang tidak terduga terjadi...

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    Wait, is that the end or are there going to be more volumes released? I understand that the publication status says completed, but they ended not only at just 'a bad time' but also at a hook.
    What the fuck? What the fuck? The first chapter I was angry at first but now the tears are what I just can't control.
    @fhq wtf you're why we can't have nice things
    He may not be the family you were born into, but he was the family you found.
    I wonder what's up with the Bio Brother though, He became a neet that's w/o a doubt but there might be more to the story on his sudden disgust/dislike/hate to the only family that has stayed.
    decent but a little too on the nose
    how interesting would it be if that guy was just a pedophile this whole time and he's playing the long-con
    i know it in my heart that whichever path Kanami will choose;

    a) should it be that she will stand by her decision to end the rental permanently

    b) reconcile with her older brother without any help from anyone

    = Makoto will always love her, as a brother would until the end of time 🤧, for that i am sure

    tread freely my little one, know that an angel will not be far behind,
    who will wipe your tears, and make you smile 😤

    with a love that shall stand the test of time,
    even though sometimes, the angel has to lie 😇

    foreshadowing is the name of the game,
    to keep you safe is his intent 😅

    be mad at him, you should not,
    because the reason for this disdain is to not let your heart to rot 😉

    to keep you pure in your heart and soul, so you can once again make your family whole 😤
    This is a hard read. Just be prepared for some serious thoughts. This is eerily relatable too. I'm sad that this may be more common than most people think. Not the "rental oniichan" but the situation itself.
    A wholesome relationship.
    Sometimes you find family in the least likely place you expected too.
    This is so wholesome, it's not as sad as I thought. Beautiful story.
    I wanna read all the episodes. Can't wait for the next ones to be translated :3
    Well curses, it turns out my heart is not made of stone — quite unfortunate.
    Man that brother must really suck at video game to have locked himself up for this long.
    This series is a rough read. I see a lot of my childhood in this. Except without the benevolent stranger there to save the day and make life better. The inescapable urge to finally be good enough to win the praise of someone whose position demands you please them, despite the utter futility of it all, is really rough. I'm not sure I've experienced a disappointment in life greater than knowing that it literally doesn't matter what I achieve; an unhappy person can't be made happy by the actions of those that depend on them for their own well-being. This story is good because there's a character that's always there to replace the utter shitfest of a person that's ruining more than his own life. Not everyone has that happy bit to lean on, though.
    This shit slaps
    This one better be a long term manga
    just reading the first chapter, tears are dropping down my eyes
    Gotta have those bittersweet moments to make the tragedies taste even more bitter