Shougakusei ga Mama demo Ii desu ka? Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Is It Okay for Mama to be a Primary School Student?
  • Shougakusei ga Mama demo Iidesuka?
  • 小学生がママでもいいですか?
  • 小学生当妈妈也可以吗?
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Tokuyama Takehiro is a young game programmer who has taken on his first big project as the lead programmer. Not only that, he is also pulling a double duty as the project's director. He finds the stress of his first big project overwhelming and he ends up using food as solace at a local okonomiyaki shop. There he meets a precocious young girl who seems to take an instant liking to him and seems to know far more about him than anyone should, except perhaps... his dead mom?

This is the new on-going serialization from (the infamous) Ditama Bow. Readers should be aware that this is nothing like the Kiss x Sis and while it touches on some mature topics, it is not an ecchi work.
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