Alt name(s):
  • まけんきっ!
  • マケン姫っ!
  • 魔具少女!
  • 마켄키!
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  • 6.78
  • 145
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Ooyama Takeru, a young normal yet perverted minded guy, got accepted and now goes to a school that, unknown to him, was where combat and magic is used. On the first day, he meets again after three years: Amaya Haruko, his childhood friend, Kushiya Inaho, a girl who says she's his fiance, and Himegami Kodama, a blonde who wants to kill him. Finding out that there are many girls there that just don't like him, he is told that everyone there uses a special magic ability while using an item or weapon called a Maken. Later, he finds that no Maken is acceptable for him and doesn't know what to do, since in this school the students get into duels that showcase their magic and combat power, to which he seemingly has none.

Portuguese / Português:
Aproveitando que agora a escola Tenbi está aceitando rapazes (a escola aderiu ao projeto co-educacional), Ooyama Takeru se matriculou achando que estaria em um harém, já que a escola só tinha mulheres. Mas ao chegar às aulas ele se viu em meio à meninas muito fortes e as aulas não eram normais… Estavam aprendendo a usar um tipo de ferramenta, chamada Maken… O que será que Takeru irá descobrir nessa escola? O que é exatamente esse Maken? Muito ecchi e muita ação nesse mangá de Takeda Hiromitsu.

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    So basically plot plot and more plot am I on the ball yet
    Vol 24 is the final volume.
    it only took him 22 volumes to finally start letting his hentai work slide into full chapters. worth the wait, but yea he should just go "fuck it mode" and just put this series out of its misery already with a rushed NTR ending.
    Shindol has Influenced the author? Takeda Hiromitsu has been a hentai artist for years.
    So did they drop translating it to english?
    shindol has so much influence on this man already XD he sometimes forgets this is a manga LUL
    This is already hentai, especially chapter 110-111
    Man, seeing the covers, one can really see how his art changes over the years. Nevermind the story, guess I can give him credits for actually improving his art.
    they probably work only with volume raws (as these are uncensored), so it takes around half a year for each release.
    It lives?
    How are there no english versions
    Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks Hiromitsu should've just stuck to hentai. Even he thinks he sucks at this. Wish somebody could tell the fans in Japan that so this thing gets canceled already
    @agtra- You got lucky, I'm getting off for the night so don't expect a comment any time soon after this.

    But, to answer your question, I don't use any hentai/porn shit on my comp. I use it all on a second (cheaper) tablet I bought and use apps for this stuff. So, long story short, I can't link it to you. All you need to do tho is, type in Maken ki on a hentai/doujin site and search through it till you find the art that is exactly like this. Or, for better sites, just type in his actual author name and search. I hear nhentai is pretty good with stuff like that.

    Anyway, basically every doujin the author for this manga has made, about his own manga, is netorae; hence my comment. Shouldn't be too hard to find. Good luck and sorry for the lack of link's (wouldn't really have it anyway, since, as I said, I don't read them.)
    Could you refer me to the doujin you are talking about
    >tfw the most basic harem shit that I wanted to actually end up in a harem is probably going to end up as vanilla shit with genki girl getting passed up and Himegami getting taken by the retard meant for comic relief.
    Man why does every harem have to end with a single pairing vanilla shit I know I should have expected this especially with the ntr this fucker writes I but meh I was hoping for an actual harem ending.
    Thank you very much for the update
    It's pretty messed up when the author to a romance (rom-com) story actually makes hentai's about it and turns them into a giant cuckfest. Can't bring myself to read any of his manga after finding that out. I don't care for your fetishes so that's not it. I just hate canon stuff turned into non-canon and being raped by said fetish is all. His original doujins don't really bother me.
    To tell you the honest truth Takeda should just stick to doing hentai.
    how the fk are these stories getting 100++ chapters!!@@#$@$%$@#
    Fk their harem fetishes!