Zhe Ge Hei Dao You Dian Meng
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  • Fall In Love With A Gangster
  • Zhège hēidào yǒudiǎn méng
  • 这个黑道有点萌
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  • 7.94
  • 114
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  • 38,211
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Yue Yao, AKA Bai Fei, is disguised as a man and hiding among the largest underground family in the city — the Ling Family — to become the Young Master's right-hand person. Using her identity as a 'brother,' she became acquainted with the carefree Young Master Ling Ye, until a particular assignment arrives where Ah Fei, who is dressed as a woman, couldn't resist her own inner desires and kissed Ling Ye while drunk...
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Dropped?? Why?
The story is soso
after 4. and 5. ch it got so annoying the translation is messed up and here i thought i could read an interesting manga, i hope i can find it translated by someone else... sry but those advertising under and at the side of every chapter is too aggressive and hinders you to read peacefully
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The series is pretty good. Thank you for the uploads!! @tiantianplanet
What the fuck is up with the translations.. I can't get past Chapter 4 without wanting to shower my brain and eyes in bleach
What the fuck is up with the translations.. I can't get past Chapter 4 without wanting to shower my brain and eyes in bleach
@tiantianplanet tnx for uploading and translating XD
Ok, from now on I'm going to scanlate the rest of the chapters myself and I already translated chap 24. Please just deal with the translating or chapters 4-23 the story line is still readable.
I'm losing my brain cells the story somewhat hurting my brain, it funny tho just do your thing you might get better.

Its fines thou betters then ever understand any it.......... Even if it does not make senses ...
Get it?
I'd rather you fix the other chapters.
@Tiantianplanet, I think your scans are much better, and would like you to do the whole series, but, if you're too busy for that, I understand.
Ok, Since everyone is complaining that some parts of chapters' translations are bad, would you rather me:
a) Upload new chapters that are my scanlations (ch.2 and 3)
b) Fix those chapters made by another scanlation group

Which one?
Also, If I have time, maybe if I finish all the chapters there are on the raw, I can fix up the old chapters.
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This 8/10 is very probably due to people giving a 10 to the first chapter months ago (which was quite promising), expecting something good from this story. Well, prepare to be disappointed...
I REALLY hate to spit on free translation and have never done so, if only to respect those that work for free for our pleasure, but this is absolutely horrible. More than half the sentence are complete nonsense and the others are not much better.
And even if we forget the translation, the story itself is pretty stupid and seems to be just empty excuses to accumulate shojo cliché.
I wouldn't have said anything and just quietly left if that was all, but this thing got a 8/10 ??! Who gave that a good mark ?
Is this one of those CEO stuffs? I actually have guilty pleasure reading some of them lol.
awww tnx tiantianplanet xD sleep tight
I was reading the comments and thought “well the change in translation quality can’t be that bad” but then I got to chapter 4 and I had a hard time following what was going on and who was who due to the name change and the huge bold red watermark on every single page.

I hope someone can eventually redo the chapters but for now I guess I can only drop the series xvx
Hi Everyone! There are so many chapters so I will probably do only up to chapter 20 for today! I need sleep too! (。◕‿‿◕。)
lmao, even though the translation took a gigantic turn I rlly can't complain much because I don't understand Chinese so all I can do is endure xD.

Though it can be a little hard to get into the mood cuz well... the grammar is scarily off the mark (also lol, Kitchen!!!!! XD Idk if I'm supposed to laugh at that because lan de is sulking so badly) Well, tnx for the trans at least xD