Spirit Sword Sovereign
Alt name(s):
  • Líng Jiàn Zūn
  • Ling Jian Zun
  • Spirit Sword Master
  • Владыка Духовного Меча
  • 灵剑尊
  • 7.79
  • 7.78
  • 383
Pub. status:
  • 433,328
  • 7,070
  • 347
Once the spirit sword roars, within heaven, earth and the three worlds, I shall reign as the sovereign! Those who do not submit shall die!

Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/?
  • Chapter 0/?

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So did the translators drop this? Been two months since an update. I'd really prefer not to read that broken english translation on other sites.
does any one know where you can read this without any missing chapters?
So I decided to read ahead on another site. And what the fuck even happened in the later part of this series? Why does it suddenly become a harem with... A few other things that ruin the story. And out of the 100+ chapters I found only one really good thing happened.
pls delete didnt this didnt realize it had been posted :D

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is it me or are the translations on mangatoon really goddam bad and broken english as well?
The reason there’s such a big chapter jump is because the translations for MangaToon (the app) is ahead.

Hellraiser should’ve probably have posted the translations over to there, so that it isn’t so confusing for those that aren’t caught up.

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lol whats up with that chapter jump ?

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@redvamik or just go to their website and read it there and not download the app. as too the translations, yes there's aren't the best but lets face it, i'd rather have subpar translations, then no translations.
This series got licensed
Meh the series doesn't warrant good translation, not much of game changing plot to read....
Does anyone knows where to find the list of cultivation levels for this manga?
agree, just download mangatoon. but compare to this, mangatoon's translation is horrible
If anyone's interested, mangatoon also does this series, but it's absolutely horrible, but at least they're like 60 chapters ahead with their low quality
The MC is so ugly I literally can't read this. :(
so i read this on apps right? and names like cloud yun(?) and fly li, F***ing "FLY" LI ???????????
ahahaha did official english really working there? come on man even japanese official wont dare change name like that.
only read chap 83 make me cringe so hard on them.
I'm going to wait for luxyscans
Do not go read the official english releases. They are AWFUL. Sure, they are ahead by 20 or so chapters, but they fucking suck. It made my eyes bleed. And I am fine with broken english.
Wtf. I thought he will be op and shock everyone but my bad..!
Maybe next chapter contains the main shocking event...?
Can wait bro please release fast...!
And thank you for your hard work

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holy shit just tried reading the official english translation and it's so bad... feels like they used machine translation for it...
@yldDavid @ninjadork That, and it's a fairly simple plot device that gives the protagonist an easy motivation for leaving whatever comfort zone he's in to go on an adventure, run into stronger enemies, meet other characters and/or pretty girls, etc. Same thing with a larger/more powerful sect being called in or deciding they have enmity with the protagonist's sect.

Otherwise, you get things like 'and then the protagonist stayed safely at home and refined his power level to super mega rank twelve. Yay!' or something.