Spirit Sword Sovereign Chinese (Simp)
Alt name(s):
  • Líng Jiàn Zūn
  • Ling Jian Zun
  • Spirit Sword Master
  • 灵剑尊
  • 7.79
  • 7.78
  • 296
Pub. status:
  • 317,508
  • 5,427
  • 142
Once the spirit sword roars, within heaven, earth and the three worlds, I shall reign as the sovereign! Those who do not submit shall die!

Na cidade de Xifeng, a reputação da família Chu é conhecida como um clã caído. Mas um dia, Chu Xing Yun confiantemente pede a mão da segunda filha da família Shui, Liu Xiang em casamento. Suas ações podem ser arrogantes, mas Chu Xing Yun tem mais conhecimento do futuro do que qualquer um pensa. Em outra vida, Chu Xing Yun foi um valente guerreiro de sua família quando uma guerra entre os clãs Chu e Shui destruiu as duas famílias. Adquirindo uma mágica pedra viajante no tempo, Xing Yun viajou de volta ao tempo de sua juventude na esperança de consertar seus erros e perdas. O Xing Yun será capaz de estabelecer as coisas no tempo certo, ou o universo provará que você nunca pode enganar o destino?
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Do not go read the official english releases. They are AWFUL. Sure, they are ahead by 20 or so chapters, but they fucking suck. It made my eyes bleed. And I am fine with broken english.
Wtf. I thought he will be op and shock everyone but my bad..!
Maybe next chapter contains the main shocking event...?
Can wait bro please release fast...!
And thank you for your hard work

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holy shit just tried reading the official english translation and it's so bad... feels like they used machine translation for it...
@yldDavid @ninjadork That, and it's a fairly simple plot device that gives the protagonist an easy motivation for leaving whatever comfort zone he's in to go on an adventure, run into stronger enemies, meet other characters and/or pretty girls, etc. Same thing with a larger/more powerful sect being called in or deciding they have enmity with the protagonist's sect.

Otherwise, you get things like 'and then the protagonist stayed safely at home and refined his power level to super mega rank twelve. Yay!' or something.
Omg the official English renamed him to Cloud Chu
@yldDavid Because Chinese manwha authors have a bad tendency of falling into the "printing money" mindset, so they string together stupid cliches with no story support and hope no one notices.

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Omg need more ><
thanks luxy for fast releases. keep up the good work
Why is it with every single martial arts manga that somehow the wife/love interest woman of the MC is targeted for some bullshit reason. Seems like having your woman taken away is the only thing that happens in these types aside from the constant power ups. Yeah either that or getting beaten half-dead by some random arogant dude that is on poop-throwing-monkey stage-3 so MC has to get stronger and beat them.
Not to mention that the whole fckin world is conspiring around and/or obeying the MC after getting spanked.
It's never even like something the MC works for its just a 1 panel saying "hmm okay I broke through to whatever-stage-1 ~" and gets a lot of fluff tools they never utilize.
@coolotomegane i had adblock but i disable in that site.
This is surprisingly really good, also love the quality translations.
yeah confused tf out of me
Wow... a direct jump from ch 57 to 100..
@Rikk Sorry man i didnt bother to read the other comments my laziness got the best of me ;(
@That_one_hentai, read my latest comment, read it and read it again, including my group's name
McShine, Maybe You are installed adblock in your browser, so adware is blocked.
MangaToon app is already translating this, slow translations are pretty behind might as well drop this and give the apps name (mangatoon is at chapter 80)

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really ? how u know that mallware on youba ? i read it just like that my antivirus detect nothing. i didnt see many ad on normal link maybe cause i use ad block. i just feel the translate bad but its still enough for me to read.
Ignore Youba, it's a shitty MTL that's intended to lure you to an extremely ad & malware riddled site.
They are banned, and get deleted as soon as we see them.
As much as he translated it in good faith, he most certainly could have done a few things better. He could have contacted me that he would like to pick it up at a faster translating speed (quality aside) or asked for a possible co-release like many groups have done. This manhua also isn't suitable to translate as you learn, there are more straightforward manhuas that will benefit him much more in terms of translating speed and language proficiency, not that I'm stopping him from translating this manhua. There have been plain lazy bubbles where an actual paragraph has been shortened to a name, even google translate would point out something is wrong. The grammar may be good (based on comments I've read) but what is actually being said isn't being carried over. MC was targeted for the mine not the flame heart fruit, and things like inconsistency in the translation names when you don't keep a glossary and don't translate from chapter 1 and continue where the current translation is.
For the 30 chapters that he has more than me, that's 30 chapters from chapter 1 that he has not translated, I'm literally called Slow Translations, I'm not going to say he doesn't have faster translation speed or that I'm translating fast, if you want to read this series, read it on Mangatoons, it has weird translations for names but the meaning and translations are closer to the raw text than Youba.