Teito Hatsukoi Shinjuu
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  • Teito Hatsukoi Shinjyu
  • 帝都初恋心中
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"You don't have to do anything, but let me love you."

The 16 year old Yoshino Kaori marries the 20 year old Misono Tamaki, the "Poisonous Earl" and leader of the rumored "Family of Death" due to certain circumstances. At first, Kaori only uses the marriage, but over time, she answers to his feelings as she experiences a sweet and deep love with her first time as if she's drowning in pleasure... enjoy this heart-warming and stimulating Taisho era love story!

“Os pais de Yoshino Kaori foram mortos e ela vive sozinha neste mundo. Após o assassinato de seus pais, a jovem Kaori Yoshino (ela vive sozinha. Foi então que Tamaki Mizono, conde e presidente da empresa que concorreu com seus pais aparece diante dela e propor um casamento por conveniência. Foi um casamento sem muito significado, mas pouco a pouco, conhecendo o verdadeiro jeito de ser de seu marido, Kaori sente uma atração irreprimível em relação a ele.”
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The first love in the imperial Capital is the prequel to this one, both have BEAUTIFUL art, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE can someone translate these :D Such a cute story so far.
Another site has up to 3 chapters and the art as well as the way he cares about her is just beautiful and perfect!!!
Is this some continuation...? Like- is there a prequel before this title? I feel like i'm missing something 😅
But whatever, its good.. as typical as it is, the art is good
What was I reading just now?😵😵😵😈
to sum it up, mc marries a guy, guy likes her, mc misunderstands stuff constantly and ends up almost raped by the same guy again and again......
Bahahahaha, she is protagonist, typical.
Please update the english one ??
There is a chapter zero as a prequel to the 1st chapter. I only read the raw ones. Hopefully it will also be translated and uploaded too.
I need moree ???
I think this is just how the series starts, I'm guessing they will fill us in on the backstory in future chapters. If you go to the scanlating group's tumblr they definitely present it as a series they are planning to translate, so this is more than just a oneshot I think.
@ojoudere sorry sir but i didnt see any of that when i checked last time i checked mangaupdates there was no mention of volume 4 and when i read it there was the ending that needed no sequel
@mangabinger185 definitely not oneshot you can see the volume 4 cover on mangaupdates
I did read this and no sequel no nothing its a one shot i read it on mangareader or readermanga something like that
I also think this is a sequel. No info on any related series tho
Is it just me, or does this feel like a sequel? I haven't been able to dig anything up though.