A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to Be Appreciated
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  • الأريج الوحيد الذي ينتظر التقدير
  • 孤芳不自赏
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She has unparalleled intelligence which earns her the title of ‘Female Zhuge’ and is a servant of JingAn Palace – Bai PingTing. He holds the title of ‘Duke’ of the Donglin Kingdom, also known as the ‘God of War’ – Chu BeiJie. They are separated by their loyalty to their kingdoms, therefore making them enemies… yet they cannot escape their love for each other. When the world is finally at peace, is it still possible for them to be together, and this time, for a lifetime?

‘Zhuge’ was a famous statesman, ideologist and strategist during the Three Kingdoms Period. Known to be one of the most intelligent men in Ancient China’s history.
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Been picked up again:
I absolutely love manga with this plot type.

The storyline has the strong female lead in an ‘ancient’ setting - this plot is frequently used, or at least I’ve read plenty like this. However, most times she is capable in both combat and intelligence, however the femal mc seems more intelligent and charming rather than intelligent and fierce (in a martial arts sense). The male mc seems to have a familiar characteristic of a ruthless, cunning, and masculine character. Yet he has the ability to possess vulnerability, inevitably through the female mc.

Despite the plot/setting or whatever being familiar to me, from what I’ve read in the past, this story is still very much original in its own way. It definitely has very beautiful art and I enjoyed the first 8 chapters and it’s introduction to the main characters. I’ll look forward for the rest of the story.
I find raw:
@simplicity The Records of the Three Kingdoms, and other historical Three Kingdoms sources. Zhuge Liang has little contribution to the Battle of Chibi. The Battle of Chibi was won thanks to the efforts of Wu's commander Zhou Yu and the ruse of Huang Gai. It helped that the Wei army has little experience in naval warfare (they were mostly consists of infantry and cavalry). Also most Wei soldiers were struck by the tropical disease when they were there. There was no magic involved; Zhou Yu knew about the wind because he asked for the weather from the local fishermen beforehand. Cao Cao thought that he could win via superior numbers, but too bad for him, luck was not on his side.

The reason why I think he was a terrible strategist was because he lost most of the battle that he commanded historically. Most of the battle that he supposedly won in the novel actually belongs to someone else. I don't know why Three Kingdoms fictions like to depict Liu Bei as stupid, but historical Liu Bei is actually quite smart and contribute the most to Shu's battle. A pity that 3K fictions like to give away his contributions to Zhuge Liang *sigh*
Not sure if this is the place to debate about this kind of thing, but anyway.

@maddery Just curious, what kind of sources did you read? I'm not sure where you're coming from. How would you explain the Battle of Chibi? That's popular, so maybe I'll get a better idea. I don't disagree that he's been idolized to the point of being godlike. There probably are alot of things he did that was terrible but are brushed aside. That being said, I don't see how he was terrible as a strategist.
@simplicity That's also another lie. He was never an inventor. Those things that they claimed invented by him actually existed before his time. I think you might have confused him with his fictional self 'cause I don't recall him that good in dealing with people. Historically he is known for having terrible judgement when it comes to people (case in point: Ma Su and Jiang Wei).
Well, having some romance will do good once in a while
I’m so glad that I discovered this manhua in which I found out that it’s adapted from a novel. I’m going to read the novel while waiting for the next release. I hope the novel is as good as the ten miles of cherry blossom (another novel I found through the manhua)
Guessing this is another take on the novel? The other manhua didn't hold up for me (felt like it assumed the readers read the novel). Hopefully the pace is better for this one.

Also, this is the first time I've heard someone say Zhuge Liang was a terrible strategist. x'D He was also an inventor and scholar. Even if we disregard that, I'd say his genius comes from the way he deals with people. He is honestly such a troll lmao
I hate it when people can't separate fiction and reality. Zhuge Liang is not a genius; he is excellent when it comes administration, but he's terrible as strategist!