Barairo Emperor
Alt name(s):
  • Bara Iro Emperor
  • Bara-iro Emperor
  • Kiss Me Master
  • Kiss Me, Master
  • Kiss Shite Master
  • Kisu Shite Master
  • Rose Emperor
  • Император роз
  • Поцелуй меня, хозяин
  • 蔷薇色帝王
  • 薔薇色エンペラー
  • 薔薇色帝王
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  • 5.78
  • 9
Pub. status:
  • 3,813
  • 66
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1-4) Barairo Emperor
Keito, a high-schooler with an odd love of plants, finds a cosplaying babe in the garden. The babe in question is Roze, the reigning King of the Plant Kingdom! Roze is on the verge of extinction due to the lack of human affection. Only sex with Keito can restore his energy reserves and as Roze's kingly gaze heats up, Keito finds himself strangely compelled. "Join with me," Roze says. Why, the audacity of royalty! (from Blissful Sin)

5) Kiss Shite Master
One day, History teacher Imazato finally recieves the robot maid he mail ordered weeks earlier. But the wrong robot is sent by mistake, and Imazato finds himself the unexpected owner of a HIMO-TYPE robot designed for single working women to be the ultimate prince charming. Imazato isn't sure how to deal with this robot constantly invading his personal space.
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