Mushoku Kyousei Shuuyoujo
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  • Mushoku Recycle
  • Unemployed Concentration Camp
  • 無職強制収容所
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  • 7.39
  • 28
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  • 24,648
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2022, Japan's non-workers regeneration method has been established.
Person who does not have income more than six months, is subject to a treatment where they rewrite their brain at a regeneration treatment facility.
Tatsuya Kamijou was working in a foreign-owned investment company. One day he loses his job, but six months later, Tatsuya is sent to a concentration camp rather than a playback facility. There he is subjected to worse treatment than brainwashing and training.
Why was Tatsuya sent there?
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  • Volume 0/6
  • Chapter 0/28

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What a mess, was this axed and they had to rush the ending or what?

Jamini's box translated it up to ch28
Are there English chapters for this?
This is bad
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Do not take what @criver says as serious
This manga is an anagram and a critical dive into Japan's horrible mistreatment of it's citizens through their job culture, despite it being fictionalized and of course it's absurdity raked up to 11 for the sake of a hook, this manga is ABSOLUTELY worth your attention, I would even say that criver unironically led himself into a corner by putting himself as a voice for omission upon this work and made himself look like someone from the scanlating group that pulled this fucking manga from thsi very website, after all, all the manga chapters were pulled and after reading this work in places like MangaSee, you will see why. For all intents and purposes, this is a WORK. OF. ART.
The characters feel human with every passing change and how INEVITABLE fighting society truly is, the plot and twist are tightly made and are a commentary against government overreach that goes to an entirely new direction by making the great horror they push onto public something that CAN BE REAL and even breaks the geneva convention, you HAVE to read this.
I read this till chapter 23, you can save yourself some time:

The problem with Jamini's Box is that they don't have RSS feed there. I don't know if it's on purpose to make people visit their site every day to make some ad revenue or it's because they lack the personal to add this feature on their website.
If you are interested there are a few chapters on Jaimini's Box. They've just been banned from Dex for poor practices I believe. Or pulled their chapters to draw readers to their site.
pretentious shit
Ready to swallow me carefully, but bad turn of events in the middle of the road pushed me off the track.
A good start, the concept is biting. But the tempo of the story is really not good.
They should not rush to think of *sigh
You can find chapters on jaminis box
hopefully more translations happens soon, this is pretty interesting
so 3 months and no english translation yet?
Me want
Good concept, if only there was a chapter...