S-Rank Monster no Behemoth Dakedo, Neko to Machigawarete Erufu Musume no Kishi (Pet) Toshite Kurashitemasu
Alt name(s):
  • I Am Behemoth Of The S Rank Monster, But I Am Mistaken As A Cat And I Live As A Pet Of Elf Girl
  • I'm a “Behemoth,” an S-Ranked Monster, But Mistaken for a Cat, I Live As an Elf Girl's Pet
  • I’m an S-Rank "Behemoth" Monster, but I’m Living as a Knight (Pet) of an Elf Girl
  • Pet Behemoth
  • Sランクモンスターの《ベヒーモス》だけど、猫と間違われてエルフ娘の騎士(ペット)として暮らしてます
  • Sランクモンスターの《ベヒーモス》だけどネコと間違われてエルフ娘の騎士として暮らしています
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The elven girl Aria is a stunning and swift adventurer. When a small cat-like beast with an adorable face embraces Aria's fruitful chest during a dungeon exploration, she decides to keep it as a pet and names it "Tama". At first sight it's just an average cat, but Aria has yet to notice that Tama is a reincarnated chivalrous former Knight and that its identity is not that of a cat, but of a young monster of the strongest class "Behemoth".

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