Can You Become A Magical Girl?
Alt name(s):
  • ×× Demo mahō shōjo ni naremasu ka?
  • ×× Demo mahou shoujo ni naremasu ka?
  • ××でも魔法少女になれますか?
  • ××なアナタもLet's魔法少女!
  • Can you become a magical girl even xx?
  • Honyarara Demo Mahou Shoujo ni Naremasu ka?
  • Let's magical girl who is also xx you!
  • You also let's magical girl××!
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Amanogawa town, a peaceful country town but now it's in crisis. Demons are attacking and are making people's hearts filled with pain. Suddenly, a cute pretty girl dressed in a magical girl's costume appears. However, But her true identity is a 88-year-old grandma! At the time demons attack, I will use my custom-made 'daikon radish' (magic stick) combine with my own power to launch purify magic .........
...... What are you grandma??..... With that magical girl look?

The ultimate Gap Moe Magical Girl, who is pretty and can heal, is here!
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