Tsuki ga Kirei Desu ne
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  • Isn't The Moon Beautiful?
  • 月が綺麗ですね
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"This is a story of a country far, far away. What distinguished the citizens of this country apart from others was the animal ears on their heads and also, their acceptance of same-sex marriage."

Kasuga Chiru is the only daughter of a powerful and wealthy family. At seven years old she was engaged to Shinonome Senri, a girl from a family of much lower status. But besides that day, the two never met again. Now sixteen, Chiru prepares to marry her betrothed, yet she wonders if the kind Senri has changed over the years they've been apart, and whether they can become a happy family even though their union is arranged. Upon visiting Senri's town, Chiru is overwhelmed by all the love and fondness the townspeople have for their apothecary, Senri. Chiru begins to feel a stirring in her heart, that same wonderful feeling the night Senri rescued her, the night they met. A tender love story of arranged marriages and fox girls begins!
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