Sayonara Peter Pan
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  • Bye-bye, Peter Pan
  • さよならピーターパン
  • 再见彼得潘
  • 안녕 피터팬
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Never far from the future. In this world, all children are gathered up onto an island known as the “Juvenile Circle”. They receive their education there until the age of 18, when they graduate and go into society as adults. A boy named “Shizu” was overcome with strange feelings of anxiety the day after his graduation. Were they directed towards becoming an adult? Does he want to remain a child? It was neither of these. Anxiety embraced Shizu. The anxiety would lead him towards the “truth” of his world.
Non è mai lontano dal futuro. In questo mondo, tutti i bambini sono riuniti su un'isola conosciuta come il "Circolo dei giovani". Lì ricevono la loro istruzione fino all'età di 18 anni, quando si laureano e si inseriscono nella società da adulti. Un ragazzo di nome "Shizu" è stato sopraffatto da strani sentimenti di ansia il giorno dopo la sua laurea. Sono stati indirizzati a diventare adulti? Vuole rimanere un bambino? Non era nessuna delle due cose. L'ansia abbracciava Shizu. L'ansia lo avrebbe condotto verso la "verità" del suo mondo.
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Also made me think about a lot of stuff. Personal stuff, and what it means to live in the society we live in.
One of the best manga's i completed. 9/10
This is my favorite manga. The ending really made me feel a lot of emotions.
really love an ol' adults suck history, this was a nice read.
Pacing is quite rushed at times, and it gets exposition heavy
but this was interesting, its a nice read, i like it
Interesting plot, good art, and nice action. Good fun.
If the author was given more time to write another volume, I think the ending could have been more fleshed out.

At least it wasn’t a cliffhanger.

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i was not prepared for it to end the way it did wow just wow. good read 9/10 would recommend and read again sometime in the future.
Edgy and gory, but pretty good, premise is interesting.
is this Cid Kagenou before he get isekai’d ?
To those just picking this up, it is a disturbingly gory story at times to an almost ludicrous degree. It's not particularly well written, but the premise is fascinating. A lot of the story beats ought to have been given more time and developed properly, so it feels disjointed and jumps from plot point to plot point in a very short amount of time. I still think it's worth reading despite its flaws, due to the interesting concept and the relatively short length of the story.
I think this is based on a novel, but I'm not sure if it's a prequel or what.
The illustrations don't match what was shown in the manga.
And now !!! and the reasons for all that ... what the hell is the author smoking?
This is like, really bad...
why are there missing pages ?

if you actually pay attention to the page numbers at the bottom of some of the pages you will notice that there are pages missing ...because the page numbers in some chapters do not match up

... there is a missing page in ch 13 ... it comes in between pages 3 and 8 ... (x7-x11)

... there is also a page missing in ch 12 ... it comes in between actual pages 157 and 161

... there is also a page missing in v1 ... it comes in between actual pages 180 and 186
Why am i getting an Alex Mercer Vibe out of this....
Read the first chapter and then you can see if you're interested or not. The author dives straight into what this series is about.

It's a pretty poorly written story, with awkward tonal shifts, unbelievable decisions, and skipped development (character's will know things that they shouldn't be able to). I'm staying for the ride though because the awkwardness and excessive drama can actually be pretty funny.

Warning/potential spoiler:
This is really good.