Kirameki no Lion Boy
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Alt name(s):
  • Sparkly LION BOY
  • Искрящийся лев
  • きらめきのライオンボーイ
  • 闪闪发光的狮子男孩
  • 라이언 보이
  • 7.91
  • 7.86
  • 100
Pub. status:
  • 91,947
  • 3,547
  • 71
Takanose Miwa is a high school freshman who's obsessed with manga and fictional characters. Having already given up on a "Prince Charming" in real life, she begins to learn about love and friendship when she accidentally bumps into a classmate that looks exactly like her favourite manga character.
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/10
  • Chapter 0/36

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"if you block me, you're dead meat."

Later: *spams her*

BLOCK him!!!
I have been reading this for around 3 months and I can say, Nico is definitely best girl. Pretty art but the vibe I get from the characters is double dates every day of the week. Was average, hoping to see more of it though.
i've read till chapter 6 . i can't help but hate the main girl's personality. like get a grip girl learn to speak up for yourself. also the other guy, the bully from the past is the definition of how not to take a NO from a girl. dude pisses me off, like if you like her then don't threaten her you dumbass!
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nico best girl ever, i hope we get lots of focus on her romance
or even a spin off
This cover is illegal to my gay ass
This is too sweet help hahaha
It says, "Completed." That's it for me, boys...
Will there be more updates soon? I like like this manga and I can only read English!
I will say this last message to appreciate the author's decision to leave the manga industry.
This is really the biggest loss for me. The fact hits me hard when I surfed on Twitter and many writers said goodbye.
I will no longer be able to see her works which I think greatly inspire many generations of young authors in the magazine where she lives.
So charismatic, wholesome cuteness. I'm not sure I can find her replacement soon.
Maybe I can expect the possibility that Haruta Nana or Sakai Mayu will also catch up in a few years?

I pray for the best with whatever she will do in the future.
lol cute
Fantasies Scans, I appreciate your work on the series, but I have a request: Please make the watermark gray/less opaque, or at least place it in the background/extra white space. It's very distracting because it pops out of the manga which is mostly gray and white.