Bocchi Kaibutsu to Moumoku Shoujo
Alt name(s):
  • Beauty and the Beast Girl
  • Lonely monster and blind girl
  • Yêu Quái Cô Đơn Và Cô Bé Bị Mù
  • Слепая красавица и одинокое чудовище
  • ぼっち怪物と盲目少女
  • 8.87
  • 8.93
  • 635
Pub. status:
  • 282,135
  • 6,808
  • 47
When a monster girl stumbles upon a blind girl who doesn't run away from her, the two begin to bond. The blind girl listens to the monster as if she were human, and the monster slowly begins to feel warmth in her heart.

Portuguese / Português
Um monstro perturbado, isolado na floresta, deseja poder viver entre humanos, apesar de sua aparência assustadora. Tudo muda quando ela começa a receber uma visita - uma garota humana cega que está fascinada com seu misterioso amigo da floresta. Enquanto o monstro e a menina se apegam ao seu mundo isolado, o amor deles prova que a beleza é mais do que superficial.
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    This reminds me of the lily song by alan walker but wholesome
    This series makes my heart feel good.
    i live for the updates to this shit bruh
    The link for the raw is literaly in the description just up here so you can go and find Neji's work.
    @chizan If what you read was the version released by seven seas, it was mentioned I think at the end of chapter 14 by the scanlator that the art would be "updated" in the volume release so that may be it.

    (EDIT) I forgot to answer the initial question. I think the series did start on the web though. I believe it was uploaded originally on pixiv? If you search the title or author, Neji on that site, you can probably find most of their work.

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    Serious question, to anyone who can answer: Is this a web version? Like a webnovel to a light novel? Because the official English version is different, redrawn and different composition, story mostly same though, no panels reused as-is. The official 1st volume stops around chp. 17 of this.

    I ask because there's no mention of this fact, either in the description or on mangaupdates? When I got around reading the official version, I was first like, what, why's this here and not there, don't remember that, did it supposed to look like that etc...

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    Y'all this is my favorite series and it's so sweet i'm gonna get diabetes. help everyone and everything is too cute
    @Goronthil Yeah i do believe she can't talk physically, in Chapter 36 she write the name of Heath for her mother.
    I have a question about Marie (the little girl) : She can't talk , isn't she ? I mean she never speak in any chapter so maybe she can't physically speak (In medical term Aphasia).
    I just realized, chapter 14 page 3, is that a mistake in the art?
    I can’t be the only one who would love to see this as an anime?
    Ended on most interesting moment.
    ?Next chapter pleaseee?
    So the moral of the story is that lesbianism is a sin but its cool if you are a monster getting with together with a blind girl. God approves.
    Stopped uploading? or whats up?
    @braincoral Thx. But for some reason i dont see any chapters... it always shows there are no chapters in my selected language. And i even changed the settings to show all languages... I dont unterstand why -.-

    If you click the gear icon to the left of your username there should be a Hentai toggle. If you set that to "View All" and save you should be able to see the chapters on here.

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    @braincoral I am pretty sure i got the setting right but i dont see anything under related. Can you share a link?
    @mrspiffy She has released a Mini-Heath doujin recently.