Otoko Ippiki Gaki Daisho
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  • A Shining Example of a Bully
  • An Exemplary Bully
  • Otoko Ippiki Gaki Daishou
  • 火爆浪子
  • 男一匹ガキ大将
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  • 8.58
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The plot of the series revolves around Mankichi Togawa, who at the start of the series is a single delinquent student with one dedicated follower. Like many later iconic shonen protagonists, Mankichi's power is his ability to appeal to the others around him who join his cause (sometimes only after first losing to him in a fight). Join Mankichi as he fights other delinquents, dangerous criminals, and even juvenile detention camps!

Historically, this is Weekly Shonen Jump's first major hit, the title that got their magazine to sell millions. The authors of both Saint Seiya and Fist of the North Star have both stated in interviews that Otoko was their inspiration to get into the manga industry, and it was one of the first shonen manga to get its own anime. While it may seem insignificant now, nearly every Shounen Jump manga out there owes its existence to Mankichi.
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