Kainushi Juujin to Pet Joshikousei
Alt name(s):
  • Kainushi Juujin to Petto Joshikousei
  • The Beast and His Pet High School Girl
  • Зверь и его питомец-старшеклассница
  • 飼い主獣人とペット女子高生
  • 饲主兽人和宠物女子高中生
  • 주인 수인과 애완동물 여고생
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  • 7.89
  • 402
Pub. status:
  • 227,519
  • 7,026
  • 39
On the way home from school, Kashiwagi Aki is kidnapped and finds herself in a world populated entirely by beastmen. She ends up in a pet store where the overzealous and impulsive wolfman Zinovy becomes infatuated with her and buys her on sight. Thus begins their strange and chaotic, albeit incredibly cute life.
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I simply couldn't get over how there's so many ways intelligent beings could communicate in this case, especially with the direct parallels, so language wouldn't matter.
Stupid concept, art and characters are cute though.
She's calling them "dogs" but aren't they wolves?
I think im twisted! I know that this is unappropriate but i was hoping that something will happen! Geez my mind is so crazy! When rivoli's mindset after hearing that both the pet and the master will share a room! My interest just pike up! 😱 omg! And when the master went inside the bathroom while the pet was taking a bath! Jeeezzz that scene was intense! Hahaha, me and my green minded brain! I think i read to much hentai mangas.... And i think i will stop reading it now bcuz its bad for my mind.... Hahaha
@mrspiffy the chapters were deleted by the uploader, because they doesn't show up as removed if you have the "show removed chapters" setting turned on.
*eating popcorn from reddit*
seriously, you get all kind of sorce from there. imgur, mangadex, the scanlator website, korean/chinese other language+quick translation.
wow, idc about this drama bullshit, can I just read manga on this manga reading site
Its more likely the heavy handed actions by an admin who saw that the the new poster had put a link back to another site in the credits page and deleted the entire chapter for it. Apparently, posting a link (working or not) to anywhere else is a violation of their "advertisements of products or commercial services" policy.
if you want the translations. you've gotta wait for "Himescans" to do it, since apparently they're the only ones with the right to do so.
Obligatory 1* due to furry garbage.
If only this would actually explore the horrific implications of the story, it could be a cute slice of life on one side and one woman's desperate attempt to convince an alien that she's intelligent and figure out how to get home on the other side. Sadly that wouldn't sell.
I wonder why the new chapter's got removed.
Why did it got removed?
Can someone reupload the erased chapters? i missed the last one...
New chapters still up at that other place that sounds alot like mangakaka.
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Where did the new chapter disappear to?
Just finished reading it and tried to comment on it and poof its gone.

Well anyway. I saved the chapter so if you want it, hit me up.
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Thank you for translating and uploading the chapter! This series is so cute! 😁
It's quite interesting. Can it be that "humans" in their wold have intelligence similar to primates, and that's it?
@Thooms maybe because cute is justice that transcend your hatred towards furries.
That, or you are a closet furry.
kinda spooky
She is like rabit in our world can be pet or food
@InfernalDrake117 its not livestock tho, its like a pet