Dungeon Nursery
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  • Dungeon Hoiku
  • ダンジョンほいく
  • 8.46
  • 8.48
  • 1,469
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  • 358,526
  • 13,147
  • 52
Koizumi Takashi (a salary man) dies from slipping on a banana peel. if he can reach the magical Fountain of Purification which resides at the bottom of a difficult dungeon, he will be allowed into Heaven.

But to do that, he needs to conquer the dungeon by summoning monsters.

His first monster was a level 1 female goblin.
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/?
  • Chapter 0/24

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Very good indeed, short but the ending was good tho
The summoned monster babies were very cute and were the sole reason I continued reading this. It wasn't that good otherwise, and I think it's kind of weird that he's boning the frog lady but whatever floats his boat I guess...
This is the second manga that I want to give an eleven out of ten rating on and it is great
More like its axed
This is extremely good, find it wherever you can.

It's too bad it's so short but it does have an ending at least.
Damn, no English?
This was pure gold, it’s a shame it was a cop-out version of what it could of been but even then it was a good ride
I'm really glad I read this before it got pulled lol.
one of the like 4 isekai stories which I feel like are actual stories that had an objective and went through with it to the end. Also god damn was it cute
aww this was so cute. fuck you championscans/ptscans for keeping this to your shitty ass website. and thank you for translating it. and fuck you.
So, considering where the manga left off . . . couldn't this be considered as COMPLETED status?
I mean yeah, there could have been SO MUCH MORE done with it, but seeing as the MC is the Demon Lord/Dungeon Boss at the end, Completed Status right?
@MobileCrusader Axe-kun is the real overlord of this dungeon....
sad to see that this manga got axed :c
The most tragic victim of Axe-kun.
Welp, it’s gone. Time to read this shit on mangafox or something.
"They're doing it for free"
"Actually, the groups in question are motivated by money, and people aren't even mad at them just for being motivated by money, they're mad at them for intentionally starting drama to paint MD staff as the bad guys. Also doing anything for free doesn't make people immune to criticism."
"Yeah but even if they have patreons they're actually doing it for free"
Are you serious?

Spoilered for length
Last edited 1 year ago by Anonyan.
Wait, what do you mean cancelled? This? Cancelled? The hell is wrong with Japan and their taste?
@anonyan thing is mate, thats Pateron, that is completely optional. Its not like they lock their chapters behind it do they? And afaik most of them dont even do the early access thing for Patreon

MangaDex also takes donations yes? Thats literally the same thing.

They are technically doing it for free, there's no bloody way anyone can live off this so people should keep that in mind
How much has to be changed or original to be uploaded. Take the same xlation, typeset it better, and bam. Good to go?

Yes per rule 2.3.2
Using the translated script of a release by another scanlation group is generally allowed as long as there is a significant difference from the source release, such as being translated to another language, or having significantly improved typesetting or higher quality raws.
@anonyan "Did they reupload one of the pulled chapters?",

That's what I'm guessing. How much has to be changed or original to be uploaded. Take the same xlation, typeset it better, and bam. Good to go?