Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi
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  • Nouvel essai du Héro à la Lance
  • Redo of the Spear Hero
  • The Reprise of the Spear Hero
  • Перерождение Героя Копья
  • 槍の勇者のやり直し
  • 槍之勇者重生錄
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The comedy spin-off story focuses on the Spear Hero, Motoyasu Kitamura.
Summoned to another world to serve as the Spear Hero, Motoyasu Kitamura is a pitiful young man who eventually finds himself only able to love filolials. But after being fatally injured in battle, Motoyasu wakes up yet again in the exact circumstances of when he was first summoned. It turns out that his spear possesses an ability known as Time Reversal! With his stats unaffected by the reset, Motoyasu decides to fight once more. His motivation: to once again see the smile of Filo, the filolial that he loves more than any other! Could this be considered the start of a new game in god mode?! The long-awaited otherworldly redemption fantasy begins!

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