Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
Alt name(s):
  • Üç Günlük Mutluluk
  • 1만엔에
  • I sold my life for ten thousand yen per year.
  • I Sold Off My Lifespan, For 10,000 Yen A Year.
  • Mikkakan no Koufuku
  • senege mek telung dino
  • Three Days of Happiness
  • Tres Dias de Felicidad
  • Trzy Dni Szczęścia
  • Vendi a minha vida a dez mil ienes por ano.
  • Я распродал свою жизнь по 10000 иен за год
  • 寿命を買い取ってもらった。一年につき、一万円で。
  • 我用一
  • 수명을 팔았다. 1년당
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  • 9.37
  • 2,584
Pub. status:
  • 190,602
  • 8,749
  • 73
A twenty-year-old with little hope for the future discovers a shop that buys lifespan, time, and health. This is a story dealing with the ensuing consequences.

Парень, у которого туго с деньгами, узнает про магазин, где можно продать время жизни. Отдав свои года, он в отчаянии приходит к пониманию ценности жизни.
Основано на новелле "Три дня счастья" от Сугару Мияки.

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    somehow can relate with MC, i have similar life at my twenty (my age now) except i have the money. after graduating highschool i earn huge chunk of money and dont go to college/university because i know how to make money but this thinking somehow lead me to where iam, i have house, car, and money but deep in my heart im empty because I know no one, my friend gone to college and have forgotten about me, i have no girl, im just a stranger in this world what im doing in this 4 years is just working my ass off trying to make money in my own house but i forget how to get happy and how to love, how to socialize, i also suffer from contamination OCD. this year im planning to go to university hoping that I could somehow turn my life into a happy life.

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    This was freakin great.
    @Messinae yeah life sucks
    i started reading this on a whim and now i am sad.
    I don't know if it's because I can intimately relate to the principal character of this manga, but I found this story extremely accurate in its process of thinking and how it leads you to think about the many ways your life can be somewhat worth something or not. I'm still very convinced that life isn't worth living to its full for some of those who (and me) don't find any enjoyment in life in any ways anymore, but the extra chapter really made my heart warm for a minute. Thinking some people would actually choose to make it to the very end of their life hoping that as many good things would occur apparently lifts my mood up. Those people that won't give up like I will. I simply think that, we're destined to the same end, but our journeys will be shorter. I hope yours is to be fulfilled with as much happiness life can give to you.

    Also, I must say that it's a very good translation. I'm not even english native but it was a real pleasure to read. Not too complicated, not too simple, poetic, it was awesome.

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    Great read, but most importantly, excellent translation by "vgperson".
    As a non-native speaker it made a look up a few words, which is something I've never experienced before with manga or anime.
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    Pretty interesting concept, but its execution had some flaws to it. It's a good case study on how to write a "emotionally manipulative" story - meaning that it's not particularly well-written or clever but will still make a lot of people cry at the end by rather simple means. Overall it's still worth a read imo, 'cause of the rather enjoyable romantic development and approachable length~ Calling it a masterpiece is going a tad too far tho.
    I do not understand how people who are new to the psychological genre can see this as anywhere close to a masterpiece. It offers a very uninteresting question and is at best an alright manga. There are so many other reads that can be better worth your time if you're looking to feel "sad". Like chill out there is really nothing unique to this title.


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    I thought it was simply just great.

    Then I read the extra chapter(s).

    Masterpiece. No other manga had the emotional and mental impact of this one.
    Mostly somewhere between ok and good, a lot of it very thought provoking though in a very effective way. Loved the last extra chapter though, made it a solid ending.
    It wasn't that emotional. Don't really see how people are calling this a masterpiece though.

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    While I liked the later chapters, that ex-girlfriend plot was absolute trash. Talk about pointlessly gratuitous drama.

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    I'm not cry,...
    I'm not cry,... But,...
    Deep inside me feel warm, empty, sadness, happiness, and something like indescribable,...

    Although i know normally people would cried after done reading this series, but I'm not. I don't know why though but It seem i just lost one of something important from me

    Well, i just want tbh of what i think after finished this series

    Indeed 10/10

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    Good read, but probably too much hype from the comments.
    I'm not good at writing poetic descriptions and this manga needs one...
    -> 10/10, prepare for crying.
    that made me cry buckets
    This was fantastic. Being 20 myself this tugged at the heart strings and made me think about being productive with myself and finding happiness in the simple things in life. Now to read the LN and hope for a physical manga release in English and maybe an anime adaptation. 10/10 Masterpiece.

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    I just loved it