Sentaku no Toki
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  • Begegnung mit Toki
  • Moment of Choice
  • Selection Toki
  • 选择之时
  • 選択のトキ
  • 선택의 토키
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  • 8.27
  • 77
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  • 59,275
  • 2,340
  • 9
During summer break, a junior high school student Mitsuharu collides with an unusual creature while speeding on his bicycle. That unusual creature was a genderless alien called Toki who came to Earth for a "purpose". An unpredictable story about a lonely human and an alien starts!
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  • Volume 0/3
  • Chapter 0/11

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Hype hype, glad this is getting translated again!
Will we finally see this manga in its full glory ?
@Shadow_Ken pls do it.
This is our first project, so we wanted to start from first for experience.
Hope you enjoy and yes we will complete the whole series!!
Only 11 chapters total, but four groups and 2 years later, here we still remain.

look who's back! and from the first chapter again ... MEDIASEEEEEET !!!! (only Italians will understand it)
This is the slowest releasing manga I've ever seen.
Fourth group in a row jumpstarting the translation, but instead of continuing they start over.

Bodes well.
NTR dropped.
Hmm... let's see if I can put a chapter out in the coming weeks... ooooohh!
@ saph I think that their situation is similar to a loveless marriage. At some there was love but after some time none was left. And nowadays you kinda try to make it work or feel responsible for the other party but everybody knows that it is going to end soon.
The girl certainly did feel guilt and more than anything I think that they felt responsible for him as he is their childhood friend but everybody involved seems to have known that the clock was ticking on their friendship. That however, doesn't mean that they are going to hate each other afterward.
And hey maybe in future chapters they might reunite when MC gets more confident and better with people.
@mommy I don't even think it's a case of them not liking him anymore. They clearly still care about him, or they wouldn't even take him into consideration when out and about. The worst his friends actually did was some very mild shit talk, and quite frankly that's not something that should ruin a friendship.

Also there's the fact that the evidence for his dreams being real was entirely circumstantial.
@saph Yeah I can understand that but he wasn't really sane due to the fever.

Furthermore, I don't think that they did him a favor but rather possibly hampered his development. We saw in the second chapter that he can at least try and even though it ended in failure the start was good and with more experience he probably would have had more success. I myself had to make a similar experience to realize that
Wow, this MC is terrible. He dealt with his friends being nice to him out of obligation in the second-worst way possible.
I just read the whole raw. It was a fun read while it lasted (it only has 11 chap), but just like any axed manga, the ending just doesnt feel satisfying. Great arts all the way through tho!
Interesting art style, it feels like the author was either Asada or Obata's assistant (or both?!)
LMAO that was disappointing, that they would release one chapter just to say they wouldnt continue translating it.

For the record, this is a short (possibly axed) series of 3 volumes only.

That is exactly what I thought too so I wouldn't call it random, it seems to be leaning towards him wanting a male lover more than anything else.
@Official229 as long as its back lol, good work.