Saotome Senshu, Hitakakusu
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  • Fighter Saotome, Cover Up
  • Боец Саотомэ
  • 早乙女選手、ひたかくす
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Strong girls need some loving too!

Satoru Tsukishima has just been confessed to by fellow high school boxing club member Yae Saotome, who is currently the Kanto region's Female Featherweight Champion, and her efforts singlehandedly put the town of Umesaki on the map. Overjoyed at first, Satoru isn't able to accept her feelings as he believes that she should be focusing on boxing instead. Yae's championship will soon be on the line, the entire school is counting on her to someday represent Tokyo in the Olympics. It also doesn't help that he's nowhere near as skilled as she is, conflicted by the thought of a rising star being in a relationship with someone as average as him.

But when their coach finds out about the confession, Satoru is assigned as Yae's trainer so the two can secretly date and spend more time together while also engaging in club activities. However, if anyone finds out about the two, it will mean the end of their relationship. With this in mind, their pure and awkward romance begins!

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