Yasei no Last Boss ga Arawareta!
Alt name(s):
  • A Wild Last Boss Appeared!
  • Yasei no Rasu Bosu ga Arawareta!
  • Шальной последний босс появился!
  • 野生のラスボスが現れた!
  • 야생의 라스트보스가 나타났다!
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Pub. status:
  • 879,690
  • 25,203
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It was in the year 2800 of the Midgard calendar. Back then, there was a Overlord who once reigned supreme and had reached the very brink of subduing the world. Her name was Lufasu Mafaalu, a great woman dreaded as the Black-Winged Overlord. She was too strong, too fast, and too beautiful. However, she was defeated by Heroes who opposed her ferocity, and her ambition was brought to an end.

Or so went the story of our protagonist’s in-game character, whose body he now possesses for some reason in a world 200 years after Lufasu’s downfall. Follow our protagonist as he becomes unnecessarily feared by his surroundings and unnecessarily worshiped by his former subordinates as he―or now she―cheerfully travels around this fantasy world.

Russian / Русский
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Is it just me or the style make most men look look feminie?
@banjomarx I ahvent read this for a while (planning to catch up) But that was my biggest grip with it :/. Author just wansnt good enough to do something with it. Sad to hear it hasnt changed. Maybe I'll hold off catching up for now. Least that manga with the old man becoming a loli summoner, you see every now and then him complaining about it. or taking note how weird it feels. The gender bender still feels somewhat relevant.
This series still has pacing issue, even more-so with the latest chapters.
I get tired of all these genderswap stories that dont really pay attention to the gender swap after the first chapter... i mean its not really my genre to begin with, but if ur going to have it be a thing you should make it integral to the story
almost nothing like overlord ... not even sure how this person can compare the two ....
Dear lord, most shameless copycat series I have ever seen and thats saying something in the isekai genre. Literally Overlord but with the weird poorly executed generswap plot.

Changes like half way through into a just another generic troupey isekai that devolves fairly fast
Why the hell is that guy on page 36 wearing a Bikini Armor?
Our Hero is Fallen in Love with Virgo?
@konzolmeister I don't blame you for thinking this way but no, Genderbender is not supposed to be a tranny thing only. There are quite a few Genderbender/swap stories that are all about comedy and silly magical shenanigans, with no weird mentality swap due to magical sex change.
@frowind have you tried The Ride-On King? xD
We used to have good Isekai like Escaflowne, Dunbine and El Hazard.
Mushoku Tensei brought it back with a modern take and set the bar high despite it's flaws (the manga highlighted the worst parts right at the start compared to the WN which didn't help).
Then countless clones trying to monopolize on it's success started coming in.
There's a few that break the mold of shit like Kumo, Kono Suba, Paladin and a few others.
When content has been so diluted to cater to a wider audience it's stuff like these that still make Isekai readable.

I expected the same old shit from reading the desctiption but I've been enjoying it so far.
A refreshing take on contemporary Isekai that plays on modern cliches and demolishes or reconstructs it while maintaining an interesting and coherent story.
While nothing original it's a breath of fresh air and it doesn't make me feel like I'm losing brain cells from reading it.

People seem to be so fixated on the sexual aspect of the gender bender. What impact in the story did it actually have? Even the MC dismisses it as nothing. Think instead of his/her mental state with the body takeover.
Can you not fap or self-insert to the MC so you hate it?
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looks good but i cant stand the Genderswap thing but to u all who can get over that enjoy the read
Genderswap. So a manga for trannys ?
Diina is annoying, and the author goes through WAY too much trouble to build up a fake plot that will just get discarded later. :v
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If you guys still interested in the story and can't wait, manga chapter 26 = web novel chapter 70
Even at the latest chapter dinna is still oddly suspicious. But shes not a problem for now so i guess she is fine.
@frowind That makes sense, given that this is essentially an Overlord clone.
Also.. Benet is a she not a he lol
I've thought this for a while but, the translators do realize that the seven heroes are named after the stars of the big dipper, right? Mizaal's name should be Mizar.
isekai that actually have a plot, wow
my second fav after overlord