Almadianos Eiyuuden
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  • The Heroic Saga of Almadianos
  • Героическая сага Алмадианоса
  • ملحمة ألمديانوس البطولية
  • アルマディアノス英雄伝
  • 阿尔玛迪亚诺斯英雄传
  • 阿爾瑪迪亞諾斯英雄傳
  • 아르마디아노스 영웅전
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In a world called as Dormant, a man who is the closest to god, Bernst is in anguish. From his youth he ascended to be the strongest, united and ruled the world, but now all that is left of him is vanity. Spending all his days in neverending victories and glory didn't quench his thirst for the excitement and emotion he felt a long time ago.

The great sorcerer decided to create an avatar of himself on another world and let it have his own consciousness, and thus, Kratss is left to grow up without any knowledge of his origin. Bernst didn't realize at first, that the place he left the boy to raise in, is a countryside village with no connection with any kind of sorcery and this boy's talent is exhibited only in his herculean physical prowess.

Several years later, the legend of a duo in one body, between the elegant sorcerer and meathead warrior has just started!
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