Kunoichi no Ichi!
Alt name(s):
  • Kunoichi no Ichi
  • クノイチノイチ
  • クノイチノイチ!
  • 쿠노이치노이치
  • 7.40
  • 7.29
  • 249
Pub. status:
  • 371,977
  • 9,079
  • 34
On a school trip to shinobi-themed Ninjatown, a young man named Ichi Kuno accidentally springs a mystical ninja trap which sends him back to the Age of the Ninja. Having no other path, he must pose as a girl and infiltrate an Kurenai Academy, a school of kunoichi students, to retrieve a mystical scroll that can return him to the future. But when everyone around him is already far better at stealth and infiltration than he could ever imagine being, it's not going to be easy.

He'll need to employ his own special bag of tricks, and have a lot of luck, if he's going to last more than 5 minutes surrounded by hot kunoichi girls, every one of whom would happily kill him in a moment if he's discovered.
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/5
  • Chapter 0/48

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Weak beta MC that faints when seeing girls.
Tones of hot girls (often naked).
I can guess that it belongs to Japan from the first try just by reading English script devoid of images and comments.

Our translator is pushing us to finish by the end of the year. I think something along the lines of “if your not at least in the final volume I’m releasing my translated scripts to the wilds o the ‘net”.

I’ve taken on the typesetting myself, I just need to pace myself with the other series I do...
@Pilkington with what money? :D
This manga is fuckin weird
thanks for picking this up.
"No other path?" How about you hire mercenaries, or other ninja to STEAL the MacGuffin plot device? Or would that be too intelligent?
Any idea when it will be finished translated?
Where I can read it in english?
the release of the fourth and final volume of "kunoichi no ichi ni" is on feb 19th:


edit: there's a passage at the end of the last chapter. does this mean we get a third season online? the passage below:

i've put this in spoiler tags as it seemed to spoil something...

edit2: it's been confirmed that kunoichi no ichi ni will resume on the 3rd of march online.

i'm linking to the tweet which confirms its coming on sundays. so it stays weekly!

oh and volume 5 is supposed to come out sometime in may according to the preview in the fourth volume.

edit3: kunoichi no ichi ni is ending after all. 3 more episodes to go according to kanazawa's twitter:

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kunoichi no ichi ni ends with next week's chapter :'(


if it's raws ur searching for just look out for weekly young jump every week. older issues may not be online anymore. but you can find the volume raws i guess.
I'm reading this exclusively for Mio-sensei

Yep, it was an answer to @lunarrider's question about where the raws were. Still nice to see a translated chapter every now and again.

i do believe that it was mentioned several times before that it ended about 1.5 years ago. not to mention that the publication status "completed" gives it away too.

there has been a break for about 6 months or so and it resumed as "kunoichi no ichi ni", currently at chapter 28.
now wait for the nxt one
All girls school, ninja, crossdressing I feel like this premise was made by a computer algorithm.
It looks like it ends at Ch. 47 in Raws
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someone pls tell me the last chapter number from raw
This is isekai? He goes to past, it is stated in the very first episode