Argate Online
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  • Аргейт Онлайн
  • アルゲートオンライン
  • 알게이트 온라인
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  • 835
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Izu Takashi was just playing the online game -Argate Online- like usual, but he suddenly noticed something strange, his level is now...! Also he can't log out, and the reduced pain function does not work...

Russian / Русский
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Just bad overall, the art is not good, the mc doesn't get new items or skills, the "heroines" are the worst type and the mc is a typical Japanese mc...
...Sword art online, but the MC is Chinese grind-boi?
Good Manga

MC is smart and dependable,,, but impulsive, complete beta and "grinding" maniac.
My eyes hurt soo much just by looking at MC

Its like typical shounen manga but with little bit of dramatization here and there

Enjoyable as long you ignore some plots and don't think logically
@0181sam I agree. This story would had been good if the Author worked on MC. So many great works out there yet garbage like this gets a manga.

The MC to unbearable.
MC is such a fucking beta, who the fuck doesnt sleep with their SO? bruh what the fuck
This had some potential at first, however, this cucklord, simp of an MC is what is currently dragging this downhill. The elf girl is a pain in the ass too. The author is giving vibes of linking the big tiddied knight with that annoying side character, but if the MC gets cucked by everyone, that'd hopefully do more character developing than what has previously occurred.
I will read anything but I can't pass the art style,
Skipped through the panels.... god this MC is just a useless beta cuck! I so hope there'll be a h doujin where he gets NTR'd!
kinda boring and the artstyle isnt that easy on the eyes for some reason
The description makes this sound like an SAO ripoff in an Isekai suit, but don't let that fool you. This starts kinda slow and cliche as you'd expect, but I was completely sucked in by about chapter 10.

Yes, the MC makes some dumb mistakes, and yes, he's expectedly OP, but some of the common isekai tropes get adapted into some actual meaningful plot lines. Also, I think if I were stuck reading this at the rate of a chapter per month, it would seem kinda slow, but I'm glad I got to read the first 22 chapters in a sitting. It reveals that the story actually has a good flow and some real feelings. However, at its heart, this manga is meant to be about a gamer nerd having the time of his life, and I think it delivers that pretty well (and also explains some of the MC's recklessness and failure at times to take things seriously). Plus, the art is pretty good.
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Very mediocre series, but it isn’t that offensive in terms of a manga standpoint and I’ve read Isekais that are far, far worse. A decent read if you love most Isekais and have the ability to look past major plot holes without having an aneurism (most people do, though), but if you aren’t these then turn away now
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Well to summarized this Manga.

-MC has power but lack intelligence to the point of ignorance, he got toyed time to time but still cant even figure out what was happening on his surrounding, for example go to Chapter 15-16.
he even can detect people like a radar, but cant detect the one who is following him.

-The Story is just Generic and become bland

-MC attitude is like a noob gamer who play virtual game for the first time. Not to mention he know that right now he was in another world but still act like it was all joke / game. He has no sense. which you can actually see from the early chapter.

-The power system in this Novel is like joke from Author. It's like the Author was thinking "Oh lets put Level system and skill so it will be more like game, So it will poke people interest", but turns out to be meaningless, i mean just go look at the fighting scene the level is useless.

-The Elf scene is always full of overreact , red face and have some tears almost all the time she express her emotion. (especially in chapter 17, what the fucking wrong with her)

And many more but i seems tired to tell it.

It just that when reading this Manga i feel soo bland. there is no Thrilling when see him fight, there is no emotional in the story (i have seen the story of MC and Elf falling each other, but i cant feel the emotion) it just totally bland.
sad, just wasted of art.

i cant even imagine why those people give this 10/10
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this is the type of isekai I miss.
no dont read this
Very entertaining read so far I like the fact the mc is a Samurai hybrid.
I call that 6 seems not dope enough but still correct as art and story has little sense. He is here for adventure so he wait RNG to hit. He is like a MMORPG player in sandbox open world.
@firefox1234 Finally a meaningful impression.
why they even bother with levels if they are ussless :D
This is a manga that doesn't try to be more than it is, your not going to read a ground breaking story but its more or less entertaining when your expectations are kept in check...
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