Kagehime no Konrei
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  • Kage-hime no Konrei
  • The Wedding of the Shadow Princess
  • Two Princesses, Two Princes
  • عروس الظل
  • 影姫の婚礼
  • 影姬的婚礼
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  • 7.62
  • 124
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  • 54,139
  • 2,994
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Izuna has been living the life of a double, devoting it to represent Princess Kisara of the East country, who has always had a very weak health. Even within the East country, a very few within the Royal Palace knew about Izuna's real identity. And the only one who called Izuna by her real name was the real princess.

Izuna's time of serving as Princess Kisara's double was supposed to come to an end once it was decided that Princess Kisara would be marrying to the Crown Prince of the West country to bring peace between the two countries. However, just a few weeks before the marriage ceremony, Princess Kisara's health suddenly turned worse. The Princess realized she had failed to set Izuna free of serving a life of a double. She apologized repeatedly at her deathbed, leaving the two countries' peace on Izuna's hand.

Now Izuna will probably have to lead the rest of her life as Princess Kisara, marrying a person from the enemy country. She vowed to fulfill her precious Princess's dying wish. However, she vowed never to fall in love with her future husband. But, what exactly awaits Izuna in the West country?
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Generic but ok.

The art's pretty.
It's my first time to like a hestorical manga that much it was cute so thanks for piking this up ❤❤
But at the end I felt like the ending would be better if it ended at chapter 10 or 9( I don't remember sorry 😅🙏) and the last chapters were annoying and useless and the author made the manga last a little longer
idk why it pissed me off as much as it did maybe I’m just going through some stuff and idk why I still kept reading despite becoming more and more agitated
Uwuuu thank you for translating it till the end♡♡
That was cute lol
I LOVE this one, it’s so beautiful and cute. The romance is so good and the story is great too. Perfect for any shoujo lovers out there!
"She vowed to never fall in love with her future husband."

*looks at Romance tag*

Mission failed guys.
I mean....meh? The premise is good, the art is good, the setting is great....the story telling and pace feels like its lacking somehow? I'll keep reading if it updates but something feels off.
@TrapCard113 Lmao yes please
However, she vowed never to fall in love with her future husband.

One day, someone will make a manga where this is actually true.
Thank you for updating! Such a good story! 😍😍😍