Perfect Honeymoon
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  • 완벽한 허니문
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After getting married, the bride went on a honeymoon alone? Their honeymoon is at stake from the start!
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bruh i thought the dude on a cover is a ghost cause the desc says that the bride go to her honeymoon alone
Wow, I don't get the hate towards FMC because the MMC is the stupidest thing here. He's shallow, he is either dumb or blind to not see all the warning signs that blonde bimbo have when she suddenly appeared on their honeymoon and kissed him. Didn't deal with miss stalker properly either.

What I meant by shallow is that he only realised his "love" when he lost it. I gave him a chance in the early chapter since it is from the FMC's pov but then, we got his pov, I just knew he is the selfish jerk that suit miss stalker.

In the end, nice guys finish last. I just remembered the famous short comic where a dude healed a girl and she left with other man. There's no such thing as nice guy should be with nice girl. Meh. Life goes on I guess.
Author was close to writing an NTR story
It's not what you'd normally call a masterpiece but still a very heartwarming story.
I don't really get all the hate directed towards FMC...but oh, well )) I'm content that I was on the same page with the author and the story ended on a positive note.
Many thanks for the translation.
So good... ?
Perfect Honeymoon is finished! A big thank you to Mystic Scanlations for translating the last five chapters and the epilogue after momojojo from Wigookin.desu abruptly abandoned the project. I am very grateful to Mystic Scanlations, particularly as there are way too many partially scanlated series that never get finished.
I just binged the whole thing, looks this is a growth story more than anything, I wouldnt be surprised if they broke up in the end, since a lots happened, and when a woman says "I just found myself" its a big red flag that she just got something that she never had before, and they usually do not want to let go of thing they get.

Thanks for the work, will look forward to the ending.
@boag: Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), it's pretty short at only 26 chapters. Nonetheless, as much as I dislike the FMC, I've gotta give the story-teller high marks for getting me all worked up over her antics.

@ganggangnigga: This is not "adult," "smut" or even "ecchi" so you won't find NTR here. At the very least I'd call it "emotional infidelity."
@FredFriendly Thanks for picking this up, just started reading it, its a full on drama fest of misunderstandings, im loving it.
I've joined forces with Wigookin.desu to finish this series. We'll try our best to pump out a chapter a week until all remaining chapters are scanlated. There are only 27 chapters in the series, so it won't take too long.