Hakoniwa no Fräulein
Alt name(s):
  • Fräulein of the Little Garden
  • Hakoniwa Detective Agency
  • Hakoniwa no Fraulein
  • Hakoniwa no Furoirain
  • Hakoniwa no Reijou Tantei
  • คุณหนูนักสืบในสวนฝัน
  • 箱庭の令嬢探偵
  • 7.64
  • 6.42
  • 12
Pub. status:
  • 30,675
  • 1,031
  • 8
While looking for a ghost that helped him as a child, Satou Akira has run into a fair amount of spirits that he doesn't even see. One day, he goes to a supernatural detective agency for help, and he meets the adorable Yui and her devoted butler Kujou. Using her power, Yui ends up helping him with a number of the dangerous supernatural troubles he gets himself into. Akira starts to feel attached to the detective agency, and wants to learn more about the supernatural!
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/3
  • Chapter 0/19

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OMG. That's exactly what I was thinking the entire time. So it wasn't just me. Either way, it's a follow. I'm liking it :D
Art style reminds a lot of Dantalion no Shoka, the anime not the manga that is.
Yui is cute. This series has promise.

Delving into the supernatural always seemed to be a lose-lose situation. Either nothing happens and you feel like an idiot or something does happen and nothing but ill comes of it, in which case you are an idiot.

I can understand that the MC has a drive for getting into it but it seems like there would be easier ways to thank a ghost than open yourself up to be a mobile hotel for ghosts, spirits, and demons.
she was too kind........ if it were me , i will grant that fool a painless death . if that world have story about ayakashi or ghost urban legend same like this world , then he screwed . because every story/legend about spirit mostly not related with "good spirit" or "good ending"