Xuan Ji Ci Chinese (Simp)
Alt name(s):
  • Toàn Cơ Từ
  • 璇玑辞
  • 璇玑辞漫画简介
7.71 38
Pub. status:
  • 28,724
  • 683
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This is surely a story you've never thought of! The cartoon’s main character is called Yuan Xin. She’s an otaku who likes to immerse herself in a fantasy world. She, who likes to look at hot guys--after embarrassing herself in front of them in the school yard, decides to retaliate. Unexpectedly, during the crucial moment, an accident happened, and she crossed over to the game world!

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This story is weirdly interesting. But honestly, the best couple is the two MC's together ( Pink hair and the nerdy girl) I care little for any other relationships. I also kind of dislike that it wasn't just the two of them that got brought into this world. I dislike that the 3rd person was brought over.
da foq with genres?

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I ship Xin'er with Yi Shui Nuan tho. Is it just me?
Omg this plots the bestest ive seen so awesome i know this is selfish but please upload more this manhua is the best ive seen and the funniest i really want more has anybody been reading because booooyyy that chick has really go to dump that guy and look for the xuan ji piece i feel so bad for the emperor i get it hes a dude in a girls body but holy hell he has not been nice to anybody and then he trys with that otaku girl im glad she doesnt reciprocate and see only mangas and anime and fantasys i can relate to her since she only wants idealistic romance and shes an otaku lol the chapters were getting so good
(you can skip the first few paragraphs ??)
rather amusing plot.