Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san
Alt name(s):
  • Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood
  • となりの吸血鬼さん
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  • 8.10
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  • 164,877
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High school girl Akari was lost in a forest when she was rescued by a vampire girl named Sophie. Since then, Akari has developed a liking for Sophie, who prefers to be alone.
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    Thank you for picking up the serie and filling the gap. :)
    You guys are awesome! <3
    Not that good honestly.

    Sadly it's just Shoujo Ai with no romance; literally meaningless. So i'm dropping this.

    Since vampires can transforms humans to into vampires by biting them, why shouldn't they bite their friends? If they're willing and want to live forever.
    thanks for picking this series up. I love you.
    It's alive again.
    PPP is basically what I call dead, one of the older translators for them (which is proofing for us on Machikado) said “our TL is done TLing, i reckon”
    Better drop all together and waiting for a team to seriously work on it. I know the Sunrise Arrow group are willing to work on it but lack translators for it so if people wanted to help them to revive the series it will be nice.
    yup.. on hold till, PPP is back.
    Guess i'm gonna put this on hold since the only team translating is the one who does random chapter because "lol who care about order in SoL, i'm so funny imirite ?". Wish PPP was a more consistant and active team and we don't have to wait too much.
    thanks for the chapters PPP

    i'm looking forward towards your future translation for this series, so keep up the good work
    Sooooo ? Also i'm nitpicking but put the cover with a character that we had yet to see is a bit strange.
    Last edited 5 mo ago by Lilliwyt.
    Also it's the first time i see such a website who authorize chapters upload ahead and not in chronological order.
    Thanks, Holo.
    Oh look the uploader is being a total dick i believe that serves a good reason to look more in to the reason why the releases are inconsistent right?

    Oh in my opinion the "update warning people about chapter gaps" is like a band-aid for a gaping wound in this case
    We have rolled out an update warning people about chapter gaps, no matter how you enter the chapter. This should be sufficient warning to prevent people from getting accidentally spoiled.

    For the record, if the uploader is uploading future chapters for the sole intention of pissing people off, then that it is a dick move. However, it is near impossible to have a rule which covers these situations, because "uploading in bad faith" can't be proved, and "uploading future chapters" also covers legitimate cases where it is necessary to do so (official chapters, groups who have pulled out, etc)

    Therefore we believe that this new function that warns about gaps should be sufficient. If the reader goes on to read it knowing that there's a massive gap, then that's their fault. It should be impossible to get spoiled accidentally now.
    I'm also kind of annoyed by people saying "it's free so there no problem doing that", it's such a bad mentality. There a lot of things that are free to do but not ok to do like if i want to hit someone in the street i can do itand it's free but it's not really ok to do it. It's kinda the same thing here, just because you can upload chapter way ahead doesn't mean you have to do it, especially when 1)A team is still working on it regulary and 2) you do it knowning that andwith amlicious intents.
    It's too bad that rss/follows don't really get warned about the chapter skips, unlike readers who come from previous chapters. Perhaps all chapters that come after a gap should have some kind of marker like an asterisk or # to mark that there's a gap?
    just for fun

    What else is the point of scanlation? Oh right, in 2019, it's money.

    I encourage anyone unhappy with the behavior of this poster to voice support for the proposal to add skip warnings to the Follows page. It is a more general solution to a problem that includes but is not restricted to such trolling.
    Now that just stupid. Can't we get this specific uploader ban ? It's not like he doing it by mistake. He just upload chapter in random order and ahead just for fun.
    Anime is a big improvement, but thanks for the translation! ???