Hiraheishi wa Kako wo Yumemiru
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  • The Soldier Sees a Dream About the Past
  • Грёзы обычного солдата о былом
  • 平兵士は過去を夢見る
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When the Demon Tribes led by a Demon King appeared and launched a massive war at mankind, all hope seems to be lost, until a brave group of heroes managed to turn the tide and even defeated the Demon King.

John Serieux, a mid-ranked soldier of World's Resistance against the demon's army, had fortunately been able to witness the Demon King's fall by the Heroes, but also was unfortunately killed a moment after. Miraculously, he was still able to open his eyes, only to realize that his mind had been sent back to the past when he's still a baby!

With all the memories of his adult years, the knowledge of many scientific breakthroughs during the war, and information of the upcoming great disaster all intact, John is determined to cultivate his potential efficiently and optimally to help change the future for the best.

L'histoire se déroule dans un monde ravagé par une guerre opposant les hommes à la race des démons. Mais alors que le conflit se termine, le soldat John rend son dernier souffle. Il se réveille ensuite dans le corps d'un nourrisson et comprend, lorsqu'il reconnaît sa mère, qu'il a remonté le temps. N'ayant rien oublié de la guerre, ni des tragiques événements qui y ont mené, il est bien décidé à tout mettre en œuvre pour changer son destin et survivre.
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