Asa to Micha H
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  • Asa & Mitya
  • 朝とミーチャ
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The taciturn half-Russian, Mitya, can only lower his guard with the mysterious and lusty but loyal Asahiko. Isolated from those around them, they instantly fall in love at first sight. However, while mutually doting on one another, their inability to open up to each other causes mutual emotional wounds. In the midst of all this, Asahiko's old boyfriend shows up…

A dangerous and codependent love.
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    Ahh, I read this many times and I swear I really cried again omfg, It's such a beautiful story and pretty end!!!
    The love is definitely co-dependent, but I wouldn't say it's dangerous! At least, it's not on a yandere level!

    Yes as this was months ago I did buy the raws

    Also, you're right, I should have said thank you to the translators. <y mistake, translating is a very difficult job, I don't know if you have experience with it but it can be grueling

    However, my rating is for those who want to read it but are hesitant, not for you.

    Thanks for the information.
    @ItsDrWhomever it is 11 chapter originally, and the chapter that has been translated were only 6. Read carefully.

    If you curious about the rest, how about buying the raw one, instead giving it 7/10 because its not finished.

    At least say thank you for those who translating it.
    This is cute, and definitely not completed.

    It has crisp art work, and slow-moving but enjoyable plot. I want the side characters to be developed more (not the incest twins though, anything but that) and I want to see the conclusion.

    7/10 only because its not finished and it could suddenly suck. Give it a read, but fair warning it ends on a cliffhanger as of the posting of this comment.