Alt name(s):
  • ONDK!
  • Onideka!
  • おにでか!
  • 巨大的她
  • 7.26
  • 6.97
  • 134
Pub. status:
  • 69,586
  • 2,468
  • 33
Kiryuin Hanao is the idol of her school. But when she suddenly becomes a giant she is forced to return to her old ways to protect her city.
Alongside her friend Takezou Watanabe, will she be able to save the world?

NOTE: There is no chapter 13.
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/7
  • Chapter 0/34

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legitimately one of the best works i've read on this site. i though this was simply going to be an Ultraman/tokusatsu homage romcom following an episodic slice of life structure then the author made the best decision not to do whatever they were gonna do originally and came up with whatever the fuck this is instead

this story knows no such concept as "plot escalation." from chapter 1 till the very end, it's a constant fucking uphill climb. it has the pacing of Kill la Kill with the themes of Gurren Lagann. what an incredible rollercoaster ride.

if this ever got an anime, it'd be one of those where every discussion thread for each episode would have the wildest fucking reactions ever
This went cluster-****, but it was interesting fun xD
Read it if you want to pass some time and ya gonna be ok
Dont spect 2 much tbw
The author split a previous chapter in two in the volume release, so the chapter numbering was off by one until this chapter, where he skipped from 12 to 14 to make them match up. So there’s no missing chapter, the numbering is just weird.
Ref: https://psylockescans.wordpress.com/2017/04/16/onideka-chapter-14/
Not sure though
I like the art style but the story is really missing something.
Felt really dull and shallow, feel like something bit deeper could have been done
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@interfior Kewl, thx!
@DANDAN_THE_DANDAN If you think the premise would appeal to you it probably will be enjoyable enough. It isn't that long.

I thought it was a fun take on an Ultraman like story. It does go to some weird, but actually sometimes interesting places by the end.
Should I read this? Premise seems like my type but the rating and comments is giving me conflicting messages.
TFW no chapter 13 because
It was good.

@Aoitenshi, as always, thanks for translation!
It ended we- Hum, well, it ended.

Ah, I see.

@crazybars This manga indirectly explained about it in the latter chapters.
@crazybars she get it done when raining
You know what, I just realized an awkward question about
these kaiju giant girl or guy mangas.

She's giant a very long period of time right.
What happens if she needs to go #1 or #2? No bathrooms that big so.......
Annoying giant Mary Sue. I know it's the point of the manga but that doesn't make it less infuriating.
I like it for the most part, but after the China fight the series starts goes off the rails. Definitely feels like a lot interesting ideas were setup after china, and then the series was cancelled and tried to tie everything up way too quickly. The early chapters were really fun though.
Dreadnought Girl did the same thing and was so much better, the lesson is that you shouldnt try to fix what already works.
Good premise, bad execution. Basically 50% of what you expect would happen in this manga, won’t.
Apparently not, GG.
Will our protagonists ever progress their romance in this terrible story of dull and lacking? Find out in Chapter 60 - Axed Ending.