Maken no Daydreamer
Alt name(s):
  • Demon Fist Daydreamer
  • Фантастический кулак демона
  • 魔拳のデイドリーマー
  • 6.52
  • 6.44
  • 867
Pub. status:
  • 528,784
  • 18,259
  • 86
Minato is a college student who died in a plane crash and was reincarnated in a fantasy world. He was raised alone in the wilderness by his succubus mother, and now he tries to make his way as an adventurer.
Reading progress:
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@JustNatsuki doesnt really help that like many isekai this one seems to have lost its appeal past its premise.
People complained about bland MC, Author gives them character development, people still complain

Never expected any less
So this world has SJW's? Can this world get any more f*cked over?
I know a lot of people are complaining about the bland mc.
But, I don't think the current score is deserving for how much better it is than most isekais.
There is real implications and developments from supporting characters; author shows that people's lives are at stake that we don't often see in fantasy worlds. They are human, not like rpg chars; they see their limits and back off. Furthermore, characters, like most, will be surprised by mc's power, but, they come to understand it and slowly trust him. Moreover, they too improve, overcoming mental barriers.

Despite mc is op in strength, the story makes it clear he has his own flaws as well. Living in a forest with only a kind mom for 16 years, he should be pure. Having his previous memories, he can't grasp his new reality as well as magic, swords, and monsters were only fiction to him.

He knows who he truly likes, wants to pursue, and where to draw the line, whether in the magic he develops or the relationships he forms as he even chooses to hold back in order to take his relationship more slowly.

There are definitely some complaints as there will always be. One thing, you should expect the Japanese cliches if you are going to choose to read this series. At this point, you have to come to understand where the Japanese author and his target audience would want. Cheat abilities and obvious flags are inherent in any non-serious Japanese manga. The people who usually buy want to escape the trudge of work and life; they want to feel rewarded and accepted.

For the plot, there is nothing special. There are obvious expectations built of meeting dangerous monsters or world-building moment in each mini-arc. But, the adventuring part is where it really shines through. There are numerous isekais mentioning the Adventurer's guild, but, it never becomes a big part of the story and bring the mood I seek of the traditional Adventurer's guild. Moreover, I appreciate the guild ranks people based on their contributions and experience, leaving out the tedious explanations for other traditional ranking systems.

Overall: 7/10
Characters: 8/10
Plot: 6/10
Mangadex score: 9/10

I would only recommend it if you want to read an isekai and have read all the good stuff left. This series isn't anything to take seriously but is a good break from the super generic cheat isekais that have been churning out left and right these days.

Edit: I caught up, and it starts to downhill after like chpt 27. I suggest dropping bc at that point it’s not about development anymore, and more just every char that mc meets have special inherent powers bc of their lineages—‘higher’ beings (author even says ‘chosen ones’.
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The mc stupidity bothers me less than the deus ex machina his entire "family" is. There will never be a challenge or threat that can't be resolved by his hojillion brothers, sisters and overly reproductive mother.
The stupidity of the MC is a big turn off.
What's with characters having dark skin but then having peachy light skin on colored covers?
is this worth reading now, kinda annoyed at the green hair girl at the beginning...
Eh, I wouldn’t mind Elk being pushed aside. She’s generally kinda bitchy and uninteresting.
Diabolos? Pff, just call it Godzilla.
9/10 for the mum and 3/10 for the rest
that's why joker keep killing people and hurt them.
he even killed "Robin"

and then Batman only got mad, and capture Joker, and lock him. Next day he found Joker has escape and start ploting to kill and hurt people.

and the Circle repeated. Joker kill people again, got captured, escaped, repeat.

and here we are Praising the so called "Hero" .
by sacrificing innocent people.
@NaniTheFuck Superman and Batman is pretty frustrating to read huh. It's like a PSA for the benefits of the death penalty. Some people just deserve to die, especially considering that the authorities in this case have demonstrated the ineptitude of being able to keep the dangerous scum locked up so they keep getting out and killing people but nooooo killing them would be wrong and I have muh principles. So let's just lock them up again and pass the popcorn cuz next week me n' Billy is betting that Mr. Criminal is probably going to get a bodycount of about 20 next week when they escape again.
dont read save your precious time for masterpiece, this is just piece of garbage
Meh 6/10
But there are other places to bitch about things you don't like. Not in the comments section for a manga you apparently hate.

How cute.
Because the comment section isn't your safe space and people are free to do what they want?
Can you please stop trying to restrict others based on your own views?
@Serkket In what way? If you hate the manga so much, why are you even bothering to bitch about it? Just un-follow it and move on.
can i just skip that glasses girl line on every chapter? coz i find it kind of annoying
@Xrave what's really weird is that minato has a physical relationship with his girl-friend in the novel. He basically bruises her from being too much of an incubus. I don't know why they pulled that part... my guess is because he also slept with his 'mother'.

It's really odd how far they flipped him in that regard.

@bursky it's strange since him being an incubus is a serious thing in the LN