Ni Xi Ba Mo Wang!
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  • Demon King's Counterattack
  • Nì Xí Ba Mówáng!
  • Nìxí ba Mówáng
  • Ni Xi Ba Mo Wang
  • 逆袭吧魔王!
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  • 7.22
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Leaving behind his throne, his wealth, and his women. The Demon King now disguises himself and start raising heroes in his pen?! He even formed a party to level up "newbies"! Isn't this suppose to be the war between Good and Evil?! Caesar mockingly answers: "Rules? I create the rules!"
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  • Chapter 0/64

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It's a pity it stopped translating. It might have had crappy moments but it had better art then most CN adaptions.

It was still a hilarious story.
Description is off. It's just about guy playing as an adventurer. Nothing special here.
How is it plagarism? If this is plagarism, than 99% of all Isekai fantasies are pure plagarism. Dammit. This was one of the good Chinese manhuas too. With like 95% of all the xian xias being nothing but crap (which is like 80% of all translated manwhas right now), this is one of the few non-xian xia comics that didn't actually suck.
But now, were just stuck with Xian xia mangas which are basically all plagrising each other. No, its not just vaguely similar like this series, they are literally plagarism. The themes, events, character archetypes, worlds, plots, systems, every single one of them are the same. They should all be cancelled instead.
Plagiarism? Really? I used to play Elsword a whole lot before and never noticed their similarities because what do you know.... Those are some pretty mainstream/basic designs? Their personalities and stories are completely different from the character they're "plagiarized" on and so is the aspect of their relationship. While we're at it, we might as well say that every hentai main character is plagiarized off of each other.
Its Rem and Ram!
Pub. status: Cancelled, really? fuck :S

I accept the possible plagiarism of Raven / César, but a skinny, blonde, white elf girl with big tits is pretty much common (like their green outfit).

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Lol, that plagiarism claim was made on Batoto the day this manga came out. That was over a year ago. I wonder why they are just now taking action about it.
Yup those looks pretty dang close. rip
sigh and it was a fun read.
It seems like the work has been removed from the official site.

No one knows why yet.

Edit: After some digging, it's been removed from every official outlet. From the looks of it, the artist is accused of plagiarizing their character designs from the game Elsword. Luna seems to be a copy of Rena and Caesar seems to be a copy of Raven. I think it's safe to say this work's been canned.
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They need better proofreaders
seem good to me. can understand fine and this series started again. Thanks Read Manhua ♥
A group named "Read Manhua" picked this series up but honestly the translation is kinda bad.
outta luck RIP
Due to having way too many ongoing projects, I'm dropping the HQ rereleases for now. If someone picks this up (as of now there are 71 Chapters total, all free to access), I might consider continuing the rereleases.

For now, I've uploaded all the translated chapters.
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I much prefer this version to the other one.
I know, that's the translation I'm working with here.
This already has around 35 chapter translated
As I can't actually translate anything, I can only work with what's already been done; however, I can make it look less terrible, and that's what I'll do.