The Hero is a Girl?!
Alt name(s):
  • Brave Girl
  • Hero is a Girl
  • Yǒngzhě shì nǚhái
  • Yongzhe shi nuhai
  • Герой – девушка
  • 勇者是女孩
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  • 5.50
  • 105
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I had a crush on my campus idol Luna.
And one day the girl belonged to me flesh and soul,
but not in my way, we exchanged our bodies.
I became her! And her fragile body and D cup were all mine!
All this is to blame a weird guy claimed to be a magician from another world.
And he called me Hero who was to save the world which was in danger.
So the Hero has to save the world meanwhile protecting his/ her body from bad guys and lesbian girls.
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