Chuusotsu Worker kara Hajimeru Koukou Seikatsu
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  • Chuusotsu Roudousha kara Hajimeru Koukou Seikatsu
  • High school life for a middle school worker
  • High school life starting from the junior high school graduate work
  • Вечерняя школа
  • Старшая школа для того, кто стал работать еще в средней школе
  • 中卒労働者から始める高校生活
  • 初中学历劳动者开始的高中生活
  • 중졸 노동자에서 시작하는 고등학교 생활
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  • 174,482
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Eighteen year old Makoto Katagiri has faced numerous hardships thanks to his father's criminal behaviour and mother's death: he had to drop out after middle school and begin working in a factory to take care of his little sister. For various reasons he decides to re-enroll himself in high school and better his life.

However, at the entrance ceremony, he encounters a "princess" whom he thinks has had everything given to her on a silver platter, not that her thoughts are any better. What will become of their time in high school?
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@Lunartique why I dropped it. Came back to see if there was any progress but def relieved it's either on hold or the tl group stopped. Know it doesn't really get any better from spoilers apparently
I hope somebody retake this manga
where can i read the rest?
I just had a look at volume 13 raws and, despite not being able to read Japanese, I've come away disliking most of the main characters except the male lead. If I could read Japanese I might think differently, but I doubt it.
Dang, when are the next chapters gonna be released if there are any? (Dunno if this series has been dropped.)
it just keeps getting worse and worse

its stressful just reading this accursed series
Its really good, hoping for an update soon.
@LocalAreaNetwork Oh thank god, I'm the same as hughinja I just can't with NTR shit in manga/anime

Edit: not a bad series tbh, though I do hate all the fucking scumbags we've got in it. And that comment from ages ago about too many love triangles (though in this case it's more like an unwanted third wheel) is pretty on

Nah I was fairly wrong this drops off kinda hard after the third volume into a weird place of completely illogical behaviors and that love triangle stuff being true. This is going to be a LONG struggle to the end of vol 11 and 12, which I hope will start wrapping this up because we're ending up in a Hajimete no Gal situation where it drags on NEEDLESSLY. Please for the love of god let 12 or 13 just end it off.
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This is certainly going in some direction, the drama tag is apropriate as, also judging by the titel of the last chapter of this volume, it might get bad for somebody.
@LocalAreaNetwork Thanks for "spoiling" me (no sarcasm)
I really can't handle NTR in manga
It is even hard in hentai, but since i normally don't empathize with these characters, i can overlook it most of the time
@hughinja its not that bad and there is no NTR she is just molested but the faggot gets jail time
Please spoil me a little bit
How bad is the NTR/rape?
Not dead, just slow.
Yeah I think so.
I have a bad premonition for the ending, im guessing the MC is gonn aget hurt real badly while their is a Bigggg Love Octagon
fuu... return my respect toward you, Tomi
you're really a jerk
all my feels just disappeared because of that last page
Kind of ridiculous how lenient the school is with outbursts. Students getting into fights in the middle of class? Kicking over desks? Yelling at eachother during class? Nah, no big deal, nothing expulsion worthy there.
This feel more like shoujo than seinen
@goronyanpai oh shit spoil me everything that happens because I don’t wanna read this manga any longer