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  • Urutorasu
  • ウルトラス
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1-3) Ultras
A victory for the national team was decided in the European Football Championship that night. The whole country overflowed with joy, including Leon who drank, raised hell, and ended up spending a night together with "someone he should never have gotten involved with." That man's name was Al, from the rival team Liberta's ULTRAS supporters club! He understands that it will never work, but from their first meeting, Al is lodged firmly in his heart. From The Moon in a Box.

4) Say Hello to Mr. Smith
A suave conman, John Smith, bumps into a french man on the streets who tries to pick his pocket. The pickpocket, Jean, convinces the swindler to bring him home, but where will things go from here? John will soon learn that Jean is not just a pickpocket....

5) The Onlooker
A man with binoculars watches a single window, watching an tenant's every move. The apartment is filthy... and it excites the man who was raised to always "maintain a clean environment". His target, an author, releases a new book --- and the title is "The Onlooker" about a man who watches a single window...

6) Who Killed Oscar?
A complicated love story between a director and an actor. Tom shows up on Jim's door one day, years after they broke up, looking for inspiration for his scripts. Both men have fallen to very low points after having won an Oscar together 10 years before. Jim is acting in stage plays to pay his rent, while Tom's movies are all busts. Can the two men somehow create something beautiful once more?

7) Local y Visitante
Since he realized he liked guys, living in Spain was torment for Angel. After he migrated east (to Japan) he suddenly found himself popular with both men and women... even being nicknamed "Invincible Armada". All is useless however, since he can't get his target - Taka, his coworker. One day, one thing leads to another and Taka tells Angel he is gay too... but Taka's not his type!?

8) Tiempo Extras I+II (Ultras Extra)
Leon's grandpa finds out about him and Al.... oops.
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