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  • Радиант
  • ラディアン
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  • 8.60
  • 475
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  • 393,218
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Seth is an apprentice sorcerer from the Pompo Hills. Like all sorcerers, he's an "infected", one of the few people having survived an encounter with a Nemesis, those creatures falling from the sky and destroying everything around them. Being immune to them, Seth wants to become a Hunter and fight the Nemesis. But what Seth really wants is to find the source of all Nemesis, the Radiant. Helped by his fellow sorcerers, he will seek the Radiant, under the harsh scrutiny of the Inquisition...
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@Pizz001 Yeah, but i think since the Cyfandir arc is already finished, there are no reasons for they to do fillers, according to somebody who met Tony Valente in a convention, the anime won't have filler and should follow the manga trame to the letter. Hope it'll be true. Also, Tony said he'd like to release 3 vol per year (whereas it was 1 or 2 vol per year before) and actually, he may keep his promise for this year because the vol 11 was released in February, vol 12 in July and we expect vol 13 around November/December.
@Jugo-kun, Thank you for taking the time to let me know, so it's more like the JP novel system, I just hope in that case the anime doesn't go filler mad and wreck this great story thanks for bring it to us sofar

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@Pizz001 nop, in France, we don't have this weekly or monthly chapter system like in Japan, here, it's only released by volumes so the wait between each volume is quit long (vol 12 will be released on 5th July)
is this on a break ? and thanks for the work sofar
i dont think there is bad ppl in radiat they just have differents point of views and differents resons
@Mpwilson123 You understand that's how a fantasy story works, right? You think you're opening your eyes to some similarities between a story but go and keep following your train of thought real quick.
Pirate Sorcerers = Good guys
Marine Inquisitors = Bad guys
Water air = Literally the world.
Devil fruit infections = super powers
water prism stone silver = Counter to super power plot device
Mc has a mysterious brother = Mysterious past plot device

It's not the first time this story was told, it's not going to be the last time you see it either. Don't get caught up in avoiding cliches if you're going to intentionally the joy of a story out of it for yourself. Worry more about the world building, the character's personalities, how the super power system works, the character development, and plot if you really want to poke holes.
This is great, just pumped through 84 chaps in 3 days. Absolutely love the colour pages.
Pirates are people who form crews and travel the world for fun. Infected are runaways looking for a safe haven and aren't always in groups.

And infections aren't superpowers, they're useless at best and a handicap at worst, with only a few useful ones. And the magic you can use doesn't depend on your infection. So nothing to do with the devil fruits.

You're really stretching there.
@Mpwilson123 You're right, Radiant start off very generic and quite similar to a lot of classic shonen manga, but I'd advice you keep reading, because it get really good, especially with the way the author handle the characters and their relationships, also the world get more complex with time.

Also I think you're forcing the similarities with One Piece:

pirates = Sorcerers : Except in OP the characters choose to become Pirates, they are not forced by an infection
Devil fruits = infection + Fantasia : Again, but choose to eat a Devil Fruit
the others points can also be somewhat dismissed, but it would spoil a lot of the story

marines = Inquisitors : I guess this one is right, but then again it's just your generic bad guys organisation full of weirdos (at least as of chapter 19)
I don’t when this was made or by who and I’m not going outright accuse anybody of plagiarism but I have noticed the following similarity’s from one piece and I’m only in chapter 19:
pirates = Sorcerers
marines = Inquisitors
Water = air (as where the boats travel on)
Devil fruits = infection + Fantasia
Water prism stone = sliver (light and dark)
The mc has a mystious brother (vague I know)

If you gave me time I could probably poke holes in every story like this but this is so obvious that I’m worried I missed something.
* I did avoid include cliches like mc growing faster over time or that the mc is somehow a part of some larger conspicuous due to his family, or that the world government inquisitors are some how corrupt and racism and discrimate againist the lesser man.

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I'll comment it here as well to be sure people can see it, Radiant is released per volumes every few months and we have caught up with the released volumes for now, so no new chapters until (from what I've read) July, when volume 12 releases.
@Lyendith Honestly I don't think it will, Tony Valente is a very capable author, and seeing that he finished drawing vol. 12 even before the publishing of vol. 11, I think it's safe to say he still got time to think and plan everything properly (Also he as an assistant since recently, so that also speed up things)
@Khraxter Did he? Hopefully it doesn't affect the quality. =[
@Zealsenpai Actually the author said he wanted to release 3 volumes a year, so the vol. 12 is expected to be out by the beginning of July
So i just did some research and i found out the original manga is updated every 6 months/volume, so we might see volume 12 in like august or september

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Following a MP, was searching an english subtitle for an sample of wakfu anime from the Ankama editor.
for people who don't know it. Actually on netflix, but S1 has some childish/bad episodes (remind me a little of avatar ; they didn't know where to focus the audience), but has OMFG one of the top 5 the best baddass vilain ever § S2 is good too, S3 is epic but darker.

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OMFG..! This is just TOO GOOD! :o
After reading so many fantasy genre manga, with most of them sadly being shitty, I'm glad I could find yet another one that is truly GREAT..! :o
I just wish It wasn't so rare to find good ones like this.. LOL! :x
This just keeps getting better and better
Oh THANK HEAVENS, she's alive, isn't she?
This is actually so good, that im upgrading the rating again, since i do see this series being near one piece in levels of quality.