Pawnshop: Shinobu's Jewel Box
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  • Nanatsuya: Shinobu no Hōseki-bako
  • Nanatsuya: Shinobu no Housekibako
  • ななつや しのぶのほうせきばこ
  • 七つ屋志のぶの宝石匣
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  • 9.36
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  • 28,544
  • 1,456
  • 12
The story is set in a pawn shop in a working-class neighborhood, Shitamachi, and it follows Shinobu and Aki, two people fascinated by sparkling jewels metaphorically “born from a distant ancient Earth”.
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@Astridikka Hello, thank you for the comment.

We do plan to release more. However, we are a bit understaffed at the moment so releases will be slower than usual.
Hi cotton candy scans! Would like to thank you for translating this manga. I have been a fan of Ninomiya after discovering Nodame many years ago. And i immediately love this one! (Also, the main lead is reminding me of Chiaki so much lmao) hope you guys continue to update 🤗
Thank you for scanlating such a quality manga, really appreciate the hard work. Love how quirky and fleshed out everyone is here :)
Thank you for picking this up and doing such a great job! Ninomiya Tomoko creates such fun, niche stories and lovable characters. This one is finally getting it's due attention, and I couldn't be more pleased. It's so interesting lol. Ty~~
That was loads more fun than I expected!
Thank you for translating this! It's so interesting and captivating! :)
I sometimes think Ninomiya Tomoko writes manga because she got interested in something and wants an excuse to research it for a while. So she writes a manga about that and goes and learns about it. I've been her fan since Nodame, just love her quirky characters.
@BurntToast thank you so much for the comment! I'm so glad people are enjoying Nanatsuya ;-; It is definitely one of the more niche josei in the west, as it's not super romance-focused like others... But I'm super happy people can still appreciate it!
Thank you so much for scanning this series, Cotton Candy Scans! This series immediately found its way into my heart, and I’m ecstatic to see that it’s found a new team. Also, so far I’ve loved everything I’ve read by your group, so thank you for putting out fast, high quality translations. It definitely ups the quality of my week :D
Hi from Cotton Candy Scans!

This is a manga I have been wanting to scanlate since 2014-2015ish. I have never found any translators interested in helping until recent. I'm so grateful I can be part of this project! I hope you guys enjoy. We're gonna aim for biweekly to monthly updates. I want to catch up with the JP raws (ch40+) soon!

Feel free to read our other series and follow us for more shoujo/josei releases in the future!

You can also join our Discord and chat with staff and other readers! ♥
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Damn, this is really really interesting, but no one's translating it right now 😭
Well this guy is looking forward to it (if you need that sort of motivation).?
Thank you for reuploading the chapters for me!! I've been meaning to but kept procrastinating haha <3

I will likely be revising some of these chapters at some point, otherwise I plan to resume this series but due to being busy irl I can't say when ><
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