Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet
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  • Boarding School Juliet
  • Juliet ở trường nội trú
  • Romio vs Juliet (FR)
  • Джульетта из школы-интерната
  • 寄宿学校のジュリエット
  • 기숙학교의 줄리엣
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Juliet Persia and Inuzuka Romio are archenemies. They lead two high school dormitories from two rivaling countries. Both factions are dead set on defeating the other to gain control over the island they have to share. Beneath the feuding exterior, however, Persia and Inuzuka long for love and peace for their budding relationship...

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    After consistently reading this for about 37 chapters now, I do somewhat agree with BluePhentagram in regards to the genericness of the setting (asking for higher class wars and acts of xenophobia for a series that's mainly lighthearted is a bit much, though). There isn't really anything setting Dahlia apart from school settings in general, let alone ones in romcoms, and while we do get nuggets of info about Touwa's culture, we're given very little knowledge as to what exactly are the West's customs beyond Persia's family (and at the point of writing this, even THAT isn't much detailed aside from her history with her father and Char). While this is ultimately moreso character-driven than something that focuses heavily on the general world and events, it definitely stings we never get any REAL in-depth reason as to why exactly the two houses act this way through side stories and the like.

    That being said, I do think everything else about this - especially the art and shot composition - more than carry this. I don't even mind how Inuzuka's main focal point is his large affection for Persia, cause it makes for a good wheel of development on how to become a better person for not only Persia, but his own sake as well. Also, if I was able to read this for 37 onward non-stop regardless, that should mean something, right?

    EDIT: Finished it in a single day, very much loved it. I still think it has some flaws, but again, everything else makes up for this. Inuzuka's a fantastic protagonist as well
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    I would say this is a very solid 8/10.
    Good comedy, story,romance and art. Interesting characters. Overall I'm glad I invested my time on this manga !
    my pp hard
    I'd rate this manga a 6/10 overall.
    My thoughts on the series itself and the ending (and how It'd be more satisfying.) :

    To sum it up (with no spoilers) : lots of loose ends, easy solutions and nothing really interesting done with the setting. A little more thorough exploration of class war and xenophobia would have made this manga a lot more interesting. (All we really got was "uhhhh there was a war a couple decades back so Touwans and Westians hate each other" and "poor people = hateful racists, rich people = benevolent cosmopolitans")

    It's a decent romcom, but if you've read anything in the genre you've seen all of this before. It's unique aspects weren't really explored, but if you just want comfy, easy reading here it is.
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    sometimes good manga need the ending, I know that prolong the series will be bad idea even though I still want more...????
    Guess I'll give this a read now since it's finished
    Since the final volume is releasing tomorrow, I wonder how long it'll be before we get the epilogue chapter.
    Char still best girl

    Juliet is 2nd rate
    i give this manga a really big score compared to a really small score
    man what a ride
    @Darudius chapter 112 to 119 is volume 16 which will release on nov 15/16, there is supposed to be a epilogue chapter in it too i think, that just it.
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    So I'm confused. Apparently there's more to come? There's still 16 chapters to be released in volumes, enough for 2 volumes, there will be an 16th and 17th volume according to some people. I assume we'll get those via the official translation at some point right, when it catches up that is?
    Quite late, but just finished reading the last chapter. I've been following this since the very beginning. It is definitely one of my fav rom-com manga glad to see that the author is able to fit in a promising ending.
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    Great art, cheerful story with some heart touching moment, and no drag too. A wonderful read, I'll miss Inuzuka, Juliet and the gang.
    300 comments... There is a hole in my heart... Nothing to look up to, nothing to be excited at, nothing.
    pretty good.
    I have now officially started and finished this series in the same day. What a ride it was, and I loved every second of it. It strikes a wonderful balance between the comedy and romance, and although the ending kinda appeared out of nowhere, I don't have a problem with it because of how much I enjoyed it.

    My only complaint is that I cannot see more of these characters. I've grown quite fond of them. A 10/10 from me.
    I truly enjoyed this manga. In terms of Rom-Coms it really nailed the balance between romantic drama and enjoyable comedy. I enjoyed most of the characters, and one the few things that makes me sad about this was that most of the stories that wrapped up near the end did feel a little rushed.

    Still, I loved this one. 9/10, will read again at some point.
    Wouldn't mind if the the epilogue chapter was like Nisekoi's i.e. Romio and Juliet's children attending the same school and meeting the children of the other characters.
    Now to wait for Nectar's good stuff
    Just went on his Twitter and noticed he JUST posted that the new tankobon volumes will have some scenes that weren’t covered. We are not done just yet