Autophagy Regulation
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Alt name(s):
  • Macrophage Regulation
  • Macrophage: The Devourer
  • Shì guī zhě
  • ShiGuiZhe
  • The Rule Breaker
  • To Break The Original Rules
  • Макрофаг: Ломая каноны
  • تنظيم الالتهام الذاتي
  • ច្បាប់នៃអភូតហេតុ
  • 噬规者
  • 룰브레이커
  • 7.01
  • 6.31
  • 112
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  • 137,971
  • 3,550
  • 354
Ryan was an average human being. During an accidental event he received a power called "Blessing" Since then, his view of the world has radically changed. It has been a great shock to him.
He pursues dreams of justice, confronting the reality of his world in this Shounen fantasy. That is where this manhua will transport you. A new world of danger, action, and fantasy!
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Here I was thinking this was a manga about how cells eat themselves, bad cells first, and the benefits of fasting for the human body.
Ah, i missed Ignatius and Ryan fighting non-stop. Thanks for the big update!
This is awesome!
Come on useless MC use your So called OP abilities for once. I am fed up of all the beating he gets whenever he fights despite having 3 or 4 different abilities each of them is strong enough to be feared by others
Lol, apparently this series rips off panels from Kengan.
At least the author has good taste.
What a convoluted mess of a story.
The story might be a little more interesting if I could consistently tell what it is the characters were trying to say. I can figure it out 90% of the time, but I feel they need proofreader and/or editor to help smooth out the dialogue a bit more. At the same time...them jumping from one crisis to the next with no build up is a bit dull. The cast never experiences any real development, Ryan's character is just all over the place all the time, and he never actually appears to improve. I don't want to really drop it, cause I was hoping to see something good come out of this series, but it really is getting to the point where I barely even remember this series exists.
Dropping this. The more this manhua goes, the more it reminds me of Bleach, the parts that made it bad (that reads as most part). Nuff said.

Story is all over the place.

Beginning is good, and only the beginning is good.
Have to admit, the story is all over the place.
Just a chapter title,looks like 7 more chapters yet to be released.
Are we sure that's the end? WTF was that about?
only 4 comments? why??
If you're into a series that has a good bit of character development, unique super powers, a good read for the long term, this series is definitely good. It's by no means a mainstream type of genre or manhua, but its different. The art style gets better over time, "If you have access to raws" the plot gets even better with the fighting, and etc.

Personally I've been supporting this series and everything else WCP does since the beginning since they do great quality work, and gave me this series which was a way different genre compared to a lot of the other things out there, and it became one of my top 5. Obviously people have different genre preferences, and sadly this one has not much fan service :(, but the story development and progression is a good read, so it is worth checking out.

but that comment down belows just a huge personal bias, don't knock it without trying.
This is my review: Don't bother reading this.

It has nothing to do with the fact that there is no fucking in this story, trust me.

The story starts pretty chill, MC has hidden power from his family side, as well as newly obtain powers from some fucking eyeball. However, unlike most chinese stories (It's fuckign crazy i know) this mc stays WEAK AS A MOTHER FUCKER FOR ETERNITY. This MC literally has the powers of the most OP shit ever (Powers from his granny, strength from his mommy, OP abilities this weird fuckign eye) AND STILL, STILL THE MC IS WEAK MOTHER FUCKA! MC gets fucked by minion-level shits left and right. There are moments you think the trash MC "powered up" only to watch him eat the shit on the floor when he fights other people. The MC is so fucking weak, he literally is being saved 90% of the time. He fucking got saved MULTIPLE TIMES BY HIS FUCKING MOM!!!!! even the fucking people he fighting make fun of this shit. The rest of the time he is being saved by people from his "faction" or by some random gods that just interested in him.

So in close to 200 chapters I can tell you this:

1) MC stays weak as a mother fucker, getting beat the fuck up left and right (even with cheat lvl power ups)

2) The Story is all over the fucking place, changing perspectives between all the motha fuck characters

Dont worry about me fam, I didnt waste too much of my time going through this garbage. Mostly I skipped all the chapters that didnt include the MC or that were insignificant. Also didnt bother reading all the text on some pages just skip skip skip.

So yes, do yourself a favor and:

UNLESS YOU LOVE WEAK FUCK MCs THAT SUCK ASS EVEN WITH GOD-LEVEL CHEATS, don't read this. Just let it die thank you
Please don't change the title, the series is widely known as Autophagy Regulation, so let it be.
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Was it absolutely necesary to change the title displayed now? I know Autophagy Regulation is a little meh, but now everytime there is a new chapter I don't know what series it is.

On other note thanks for the chapters.