Xian Ni
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  • Renegade Immortal
  • ไป™้€†
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Saints, the most formidable beings under the heaven. Follow Tie Zhu as he entered one of the elite sects: Heng Yue Sect and work his way toward to become a saint.
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holy fuck this shipwreck is still going?
if you want this to make sense you have to read the novel itself, becuz this skips massive amounts of the story, which is why alot of the words make no sense at all, alot of unnecessary chinese words are left in this and its annoying af. the pacing is alot better in the novel, mangas, and manwhas or whichever this is, they dont do the story in specific increments like a novel they mostly just skim over things, so 1-29 is just a skimmed version of ch 1-39 in the novel. and it skips a lot of time in there. its literally better to read the novel then to read this, becuz you'll only be confused about how this makes any sense, same with the ranking of cultivation levels.
Both the pacing and the story is a mess after the end of the Heng yue sect arc. It's like seeing mc growing like your son. Then suddenly mc becomes something you are unfamiliar with, and what makes it more of a mess is the unclear ranking system.
Author seems to have difficulty sometimes to put a meaningful line together
The ranking system itself isn't explained, and author suddenly wants you to figure out enemies power based on loose stage naming, when the only thing that we knew is numbered stages.
I don't think it is worth to read +1000 chapters novel just because manhua author decided to give us a summarized version, and to find at the end of it there was only some details skipped when overall story is the same.

Edit: If you're a masochist like me that can put up with +100 chapters of horrible pacing, the plot in my pov become more interesting in the chapters +120 and characters interactions become more immersing and interesting
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caught up to chapter 153...

what a nice marathon... heehehehe..
time to pile up again..
Is this really shounen? MC viciously murders people left and right, sometimes simply because they have something valuable to take. And the moral of the story is that with enough strength you don't need moral and ethics - you can simply murder all your enemies and everyone who disagrees, or those who simply gave you a look that you disliked. And once everyone who opposes you are dead you are the winner.
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Chapter 1-29: 8/10 Highly recommend reading. Good character drama and pacing

Chapter 30+: 5/10 WTF is this shit?
Good shit!!! Thanks for the multi-upload!
so long since i last read this, what's the plot again lol
Right past 200
For those who want to read novel : https://readwebnovels.net/novel/renegade-immortal/ , can someone who know say where is manga in novel now ?
i dont know if i should drop or just put on hold. im so lost and tired of this wordiness.
wtf is going on lol
I dont even know what this story about anymore.
@wykdfire Maybe but I'm not sure how much of that is true. I never checked release date when reading web novels but so many of them have a demonic or evil or dark kind of cultivation that it doesn't feel unique to me in any way.
+ the comment which i was replying to was posted 7 months ago not in 2009 when web novel was written.
I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I just mean that protagonist with demonic powers isn't unique (Imho) nowadays regardless of how it was back when it was being written.
@gameriuxlt typical nowadays? Yes. Typical when the novel was originally written? Not at all. This manhua is based on a pretty old novel (by web-novelesque wuxia standards).
In some ways, better then the Novel!! This deserves a Anime...

But yes there are scenes a little skipped maybe because it's a Chinese comic.

The child arc was pretty interesting... but after that it got lost pretty fast. Story all over the place.
@kp114330 "The main character is not typical MC from manhua following righteous methods but instead demonic methods." really? i read some of the web novels and i can say that the protagonist choosing demonic cultivation for some reason or another is quite a common thing.
This manhua is based of the novel Renegade Immortal by Er Gen. The uniqueness of the novel is due to the cultivation system and the main character Wang Lin(nicknamed Tie Zhu). The main character is not typical MC from manhua following righteous methods but instead demonic methods. The manhua does pretty well to follow the novel with some detail differences here and there. The pacing of the novel and manhua might be a bit weird but this due to it being Er Gen's first series so he hadn't fully fleshed out his writing style and technique in this novel. You should try to give it a read.
I can barely follow along with this. Barely.