Xian Ni
Alt name(s):
  • Renegade Immortal
  • ไป™้€†
  • 7.36
  • 7.25
  • 245
Pub. status:
  • 205,434
  • 4,841
  • 182
Saints, the most formidable beings under the heaven. Follow Tie Zhu as he entered one of the elite sects: Heng Yue Sect and work his way toward to become a saint.
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The child arc was pretty interesting... but after that it got lost pretty fast. Story all over the place.
@kp114330 "The main character is not typical MC from manhua following righteous methods but instead demonic methods." really? i read some of the web novels and i can say that the protagonist choosing demonic cultivation for some reason or another is quite a common thing.
This manhua is based of the novel Renegade Immortal by Er Gen. The uniqueness of the novel is due to the cultivation system and the main character Wang Lin(nicknamed Tie Zhu). The main character is not typical MC from manhua following righteous methods but instead demonic methods. The manhua does pretty well to follow the novel with some detail differences here and there. The pacing of the novel and manhua might be a bit weird but this due to it being Er Gen's first series so he hadn't fully fleshed out his writing style and technique in this novel. You should try to give it a read.
I can barely follow along with this. Barely.
The timeskip are killing my brain.
I am lost.Completely have no fucking idea.You understand how it goes but when it comes to development you have no fucking idea.Maybe if ฤฑ take notes while ฤฑ read this first time ฤฑ can understand but now absolutely no idea about ranking.
more chapter i read, more confusing stuff come up
after mc sect was destroyed the story turn into wtf
Lol, what kind of shitty description is that. That doesn't describe Renegade immortal at all.
If people really want a good story read the LN, one of the more dark but realistic cultivation stories.
The art is garbage. The translation is garbage. The story just attacked, destroyed, disbanded the MC's sect in a single chapter then timeskipped. I honestly can't tell the difference between characters because they all look exactly the same. The writing has zero plot and is just a dartboard of Wuxia tropes done as lame as hell. Lastly the MC is a barrel of personalities that are never consistent.

There saved you some time.
i rly like this. i recently reread all of the chapters at once to remind myself of the plot.
this is underrated definitely one of the best cultivation stories. I have dropped a lot of mangas like this, but i still follow this one. so thanks to the scanlation group for making it available
Who was the original artist ? What happened
Dark manga is good manga, especially in Wuxia Martial arts manga.

Would you rather have multiple harems that slow down the story and pointless side stories.


A neutral evil MC in a universe were dark things do happen which accentuate the story.
This is pretty bad, but it has a certain charm to it; it was also darker than I expected.
A Will Eternal is a web novel by the same author as this that stays good the whole way through. It's honestly one of the best fantasy books I've ever read, period.
Another example of Chinese money-printing. Not as terrible as some, not good enough to keep up with.
Gets you sucked in then starts dissapointing you after a while. Thought I could read it all at once... Not too pleasant impression.
so this is every 9 days now???? Thx TL
Follows the webnovel pretty well, it is just the change in artstyle is so ofsetting.
Like wtf is that art after the first 20 chapters. Atleast around 45 chapters in, art improves again.
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It started out interesting then suddenly a change of artist and got boring pretty fast.