Kanna to Decchi
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Alt name(s):
  • Kanna and The Apprentice
  • カンナとでっち
  • 柑奈和学徒
  • 7.87
  • 7.82
  • 151
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  • 95,800
  • 2,587
  • 69
Our heroine, Kanna, is the daughter of the famous builder in town. One day an orphaned boy with a hammer appears to train under Kanna's father?! The heart pounding love story of a handsome apprentice carpenter
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/7
  • Chapter 0/27.5

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Very cute but tbh even if it’s good it’s more about the hero Kazuhito while kanna is the satellite character.
Che brutto che per colpa di qualcuno debbano pagare gli altri! Mi mancano i vostri progetti qui,purtroppo non ho altro modo per poterli leggere!😭😭😭
Not Bad ...
the romance was sweet but i did begin to wonder, with all the talk of the male lead's dream, does kanna not have one of her own? besides just supporting him? unfortunately not uncommon in these types of manga - a personality, but not a character.

thank you to kogarashi, koi hanabi, and paperdolls for taking us through to the end!
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It's a good manga but it's so frustrating that the mc isn't allowed to choose anything whatsoever. Her father has good intentions but doesnt understand that people need to learn life lessons through experience, whether that be dating or what not. The 2 male leads never let her choose. And her mom never helps at all and the mc herself never does anything for herself. Or barely. Wtf??? Kissing someone that doesnt want to kiss you?? Punch that mf
he's so cute, love him, so refreshing <3

but she's utterly annoying, i hate this typpo of female characters that are always making a fuss for nothing.
I am so tired of pointless drama in romance. can't there just be a nice story of two people falling in love?
Great romance and progression in this manga until

Overall, it's good with some parts that might irk the reader. There is still another volume or so to be translated, so I remain hopeful for a good conclusion.
Just a quick question, where’s chapters 1-3?
Agree with the comment below. Really refreshing romance manga with no drama at all. Pure fluff
Best shoujo manga, with no nonsense characters. This fresh, sweet male lead is a welcome change to the usual edgy bois. The relationship dynamics are adorable. You can skip the first few chapters.