Kono Sekai ga Game da to Ore dake ga Shitteiru
Alt name(s):
  • Bu Dünyanın Oyun Olduğunu Bilen Tek Kişiyim
  • Eu sou o único que sabe que este mundo é um jogo
  • I Am the Only One Who Knows This World Is a Game
  • Kono Sekai ga Game da to, Ore dake ga Shitteiru
  • Kono Sekai ga Game dato Ore dake ga Shitte Iru
  • Только я знаю, что этот мир - игра
  • この世界がゲームだと俺だけが知っている
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Sagara Soma is a hardcore gamer, who spends basically all of his time playing or thinking about games. Since he was a child, he's thought of how great it would be to really live in a game world. One day, when he breaks a promise to his cousin Maki in order to play video games, his wish comes true. "New Communicate Online," also known as "Neko-Mimi-Neko," is the game he was playing at the time. Neko-Mimi-Neko is well known for its trick quests, occasional unfairly high level enemies, and many bugs, all of which combine to make players die over and over again. Now that Soma seems to literally be a starting character in the game world, will he re-spawn after death, or actually die? Luckily, he knows just about everything there is to know about the world of Neko-Mimi-Neko, so he may be able to make the unfairness in the game work to his advantage!

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    I can't explain it logically but I love this even though it's just the same old trapped in a game manga. It's very charming.
    I prefer a complete chapter over parts. Cliffhangers are annoying, and having a tiny chapter is even more annoying (if they released on the same day in parts)

    Hence, I’d prefer waiting longer for a whole chapter.
    Couldn't pass the first 2 chapters with the guy standing there in the middle of the fight analyzing the game, the trees, the birds, his life, his skills, the people there, talking to himself, complaining, back to analyzing... Then he attacks and now is back to self monologue. This game must be like those RPGs where the NPCs wait for your reply and the fights are for turns. That's how it felt, and I know when we're thinking something it happens really fast in our head but it took him like 30 or 40 pages to decide "yeah I will move forward and attack" *Attacks and the fight is over with one attack* maybe if the MC were more charismatic or if didn't look so generic I would give it a chance but naaaah, it ain't for me.
    So, fallout 76 in vr?
    This feel's so boring compared to everything else I've read.....
    Terima kasih sankyu terserah scan
    thanks for pick this up
    I need more from this absolute madlad MC


    15.05.2015 - 07.05.2019

    More translated chapters never
    where is the video games tag ?
    This is pretty great, but unfortunately, any good manga at all has to have update releases that are s o o o o infrequent :/
    Has this been dropped?
    This manga is probably the best implementation of a video game setting that I've seen so far.
    This is a surprisingly fun isekai.
    TRANSLATOR please!
    35 chapters on raw and meanwhile only ch 15 translated OTL
    We're up to 31 chapters in the raws. I just want more :(
    @undercurses probably cause it was coded wrong, just like how it has 3m of reach but is only 1m long. It is an odachi that is as easy to handle as a katana. I did have that same question, but thats the only bs I can think of

    Is manga only translated when a new volume comes out? I seen that they are on like chapter 34 in the raws.
    now i want to ask something... if any tools in this world got durability, how tf that odachi got no durability?