Monku no Tsukeyou ga nai Rabukome
Alt name(s):
  • Monku no Tsukeyou ga Nai Love Comedy
  • Monrabu
  • Never Ending Story
  • 文句の付けようがないラブコメ
  • 让人无法抱怨的爱情喜剧
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  • 7.57
  • 222
Pub. status:
  • 192,423
  • 10,175
  • 85
Kanaruzawa Sekai, "The Goddess Who Lived A Thousand Years", is a beautiful goddess with silver hair and red eyes. She's pompous and learned, yet knows little of the world around her. Despite her childish appearance she can tolerate alcohol and tobacco, and spends her days in her mansion reading books. Offered to her as a "living sacrifice" is high school student Kirishima Yuuki. As he was told she'd grant him one thing in exchange for being the sacrifice, Kirishima said this: "Kanaruzawa Sekai-san, marry me."And so, they start to live their life together, but...Their days of peace and love soon became disrupted, as the world began to crumble due to a terrifying secret. A hilariously pure (and everlasting) love story begins here! The manga adaptation of the light novel "Monku no Tsukeyou ga Nai Love Comedy!"

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    This part of the story is taking a very dangerous turn,

    I hope nothing happens to Sekai,

    Truthfully i am scared for her sake. Please be strong Yuuki, she needs you more now than ever

    to the translation team: Thank You for the update?
    'Read until chapter 15, and the story progressed absolutely 0% and only achieved nothing but immature banter between two characters.
    I skipped to the last few chapters, and I still saw very little to no actual "progress", considering how heavy and dreary the MC's premise.
    What is even the point of this story? If the author wanted a casual, comical story about an odd pairing, the last thing you want is to start in such a grim manner. And if you want tragedy, and despair at least take it somewhere.
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    Yo I don't care about anything else but I need a happy story/end please :((
    Don't worry, rainbow will come after the storm in this story @residentFATBOY yet this manga still has a long way to go
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    Anyone read the novel? Is this more tragedy or fluff with some drama spiced in?
    Wahhh.... so sorrow and sad, but i like this art and chara why i fell de javu, in next i hope this become anime...
    Thanks for story writter and art chan..
    The one who bears it all, the responsibility that is all but Sekai to shoulder,

    It make me sad ?.

    May she find love in the mortal known as Yuuki

    p/s: For the Translation Group, Thank you for the good work ??
    hope you would be so kind and continue until the end of this Manga
    I smell tragedy.
    Can anyone explain the setting to me? I'm honestly kind of lost. Why secret organization "sacrifices" people to her and what the hell do "sacrifices" even do? Why do they "sacrifice" people if she didn't ask for that?
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    This would be a great manga if the story development wasn’t all over the place and slow as hell. Art is nice.
    @hijklol100: Just a theory, but it might have something to do with whatever magazine it comes out in. Some manga chapters in those monthlies can be long or short, depending on the company's preference.
    An alternate theory is that the mangaka is actually doing multiple stories at a time and this is not his main focus, so he only gives a few pages at a time so he can keep his focus on the main story he's writing.
    Final theory is that it's face value: The mangaka just doesn't like doing too many pages at a time. Maybe because they don't have enough help or that's just his modus operandi.

    Personally, I'm banking with theory 1. I've seen several manga personally that were good but just too short. I blame the chief editors in those cases.
    @budifelt: There's a couple of sad moments, but so far no. This is actually pretty fluffy.
    This is very cute but I feel its lacking in development

    Hoping to see more romance and less school life
    it'll be a sad story, isnt it?
    I think she look a like character in nyar...o, but i want to know who is become sacrifice sekai or mc guy i confussed..
    I'm seriously confused as to why this series is monthly when each chapter is only 10 pages.
    wth is the chaptering?
    its like the Author has started to play with characters like a child plays with dolls.

    and thrown all story out the window, now only a generic school life comedy is left...