Red Eyes
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  • redEyes
  • レッドアイーズ
  • 红眼机甲兵
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My war isn't over!
One mobile suit infantryman's personal battle resumes as a red fire blazes again in his eyes!

Captain Grahalt Mills, commander of the Legium nation's special forces "Jackal" unit, utilizes the most advanced mobile infantry exoskeleton in existence, the SAA (Special Assault Armor). With the last line of defense faltering against Dragnov's pressing forces, the Jackals are deployed in a last ditch attempt to hold the line and succeeded at destroying all opponents in their sector! In a bizarre turn of events, Mills' own subordinates of the Jackals all frame him for the murder of several Legium soldiers, severe war crimes which sentence him to be executed for treason. With an eye for vengeance, Mills escapes from prison on his own and tracks down the old members of the Jackals to figure out why he was betrayed.

Based in an alternate sci-fi future, a previous super power set up an ever lasting global orbital satellite array acting as a powerful anti-missile laser defense known as Orbit Eyes. This eliminated the looming threat of nuclear destruction, but the key to control the system was lost with the fall of the super power, leaving it permanently on safe mode. More wars ended up fought with boots on the ground, leading to the creation of advanced infantry exoskeleton technology known as SAA.
The story revolves mainly around the conflict between two nations: the Republic of Legium engaged in a costly war with the Federation of Dragnov after the latter attempted to reunify the two countries. A war broke out between the two nations with heavy losses to both sides. Eventually, Dragnov got the upperhand and their forces came close to overrunning Legium's last line of defence around its capital. As a trump card, Dragnov unveiled new tech in the form of a low altitude, heat signatureless warhead which could bypass the Orbit Eyes missile defense. It was detonated 8km away from Legium's capital, causing severe damage to the surroundings, and convinced the Legium politicians to negotiate for a surrender. However, a segment of Legium's military, the 3rd Army, has defied the Legium administration, refusing surrender to continue fighting against Dragnov for their homeland.
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